19 Of The Funniest And Most Relatable Pics That Will Make Every Traveler Laugh

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We agree that the best way one could spend their money is by giving it all for travel expenses! Buying new experiences is something you cannot put a price on, because it gives you so much more than you paid for it! If you are a fan of frequent trips to different destinations, then you know that it is not all sunshine and rainbows. It could be difficult and even dangerous, and you need to be prepared. You also need to have a few tricks up your sleeve! This brings us to the list below! It is full of things that most travelers would immediately relate to, and it is also extremely funny to see!

1. This is an accurate comparison

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If you have never travelled somewhere before, chances are that you will be hooked after just one trip! The rest would be a story we are familiar with, because we love travelling ourselves!

2. When the moment you are about to go on vacation comes, you get anxious

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Seeing this made us relate to it, because knowing that you are about to go somewhere nice is something that can make you anxious! Who could be able to wait patiently in such a situation?

3. This has happened to many people

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One of the things we don’t like about the plans for a group event is that it almost never happens the way it was planned! In some cases almost everyone involved finds some kind of excuse and only one person is left with the dilemma to follow the initial plan or not. This person did it, we guess!

4. Now this is something we can all relate to

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Unfortunately for most of us, we are often forced to only dream about going somewhere instead of actually going there. The reasons for this can be numerous, but in most cases it comes down to time and money.

5. People who travel all the time know the struggle

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In some cases trips do not go as planned because people realize the airlines lost their luggage! This is a real bummer and it could be devastating for a person depending on whar was inside the lost suitcase. This person did not want to take any chances!

6. We know how this feels

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Imagine this: someone close to you asks for money, and they really have no other option, so you grab your vacation fund and you give them the money. And here is the annoying part – next thing you know, they are off to a dreamy destination!

7. We guess that such accusations are nonsense

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This is something that never happened to us, but it probably happened to a lot of people. There are probably two main reasons for a family member to make a remark about you being abroad all the time. One is because the never go anywhere and they enby you and the other is that they need you around for doing different things together.

8. Yep, we all do that

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Seeing this can easily make almost everyone relate, and for good reason. It might seem like a weird habit to certain individuals, but there is nothing wrong with packing more underwear that you would likely need! Better safe than sorry, right?

9. We have all been here before

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Well, the image below is an exaggeration and it was an intended one, too, but it was meant to visualize what we meant! There is always that friend who is able to convince us that a certain location is within a walking distance, but it turns out it is not!

10. Here is what most of us do

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When we need to catch an early flight, we are not as excited as we should be! Instead of thinking about the fun times coming ahead, we tend to be annoyed about not having enough sleep and being impatient to get on the plane.

11. This happens every time

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If you have ever travelled with your parents, you know that they are overreacting about certain things and they are always a bit too cautious! As you can see, the caption of this image perfectly describes how most parents hurry without a reason.

12. This might be the trick you have always needed

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Now this is one simple and clever idea that we have never thought of before! The simple push might be more than enough to reduce the weight of the suitcase just enough!

13. Many people will recognize themselves here

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Here is another thing many of us do. We tend to pack too much things, and we mean way more than we would need! In some cases we even take clothes that we have never put on before, and we have no idea why we do it!

14. We know how this feels and we like it

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Seeing this definitely made us chuckle, because the sheer thought of it brings happines. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you are far away from the daily hustle and bustle!

15. Someone could easily fall for this one

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Here is something that we could easily call daydreaming! Well, it was actually something like a prank, but we guess that it would have been nice if it was a real photo from a flight to Dubai!

16. Now this is something we wish nobody would experience ever again

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Unfortunately, this happens much too often and many people would probably experience this on their next flight.

17. This is always hard to achieve

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Riding in the back seat means that you would have to constantly follow the conversation and try to take part in it!

18. Here is something that almost never happens

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Well, if you are among the lucky people who know how this feels, you should feel like you have been chosen!

19. This is valid for a number of locations

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We all know how frustrating it is to go somewhere you have always wanted to be and to find that the place is totally different than the images you have seen until now!

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