17 People Who Had One Job And Didn’t Make It

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It is no surprise that people sometimes don’t do the things they are supposed to and there are more than a few reasons for that. For starters, the lack of experience or not having the will to do something properly always mean poor results are achieved, not to mention the dangerous or funny situations this may lead to. To illustrate how people often fail at doing what they were supposed to, we decided to share some nice examples of people doing a sloppy job.

1. The toilet paper

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It doesn’t take to be a rocket scientist to put a toilet paper roll on its stand. It is one of the easiest tasks imaginable and people should never have an excuse when they don’t do it or when they do it wrong, just like in this case.

2. The emergency exit

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It appears that some buildings are not that safe to enter and the trouble is that you only realize that in case of an emergency, As you can see here, someone decided to install a fire exit without securing it with an outside ladder first.

3. The note

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The need for a warning note is often something that must be answered because a big problem could occur if that does not happen. Still, if you want to prevent that from happening, you must create the kind of warning that is understandable by anyone.

4. The pothole 

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

It really seems that one of the most important tasks when you do a repair job is to make sure that the result would last long. In this case, the result will not last probably even a day because this pothole was fixed by someone who covered it with a broken shovel.

5. The design

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Clothing is one of the essential human needs and we all use clothes but most of us have preferences when it comes to styles, fabrics, and colors. In this case, someone wanted to make sure this blouse had a positive message but things went wrong.

6. The sink

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We love it when people get creative and come up with amazing ideas that we can all take advantage of. This retractable sink is one such idea, as it is very practical but this particular unit is not calibrated right because the water pressure seems to be high.

7. The watermelon 

Image Source: Reddit

Store employees have a dynamic job and they literally do hundreds of operations on a daily basis. A large number of tasks often leads to mistakes. This is what happened here. Someone put a label on this watermelon that was supposed to go on a pack of meat.

8. The band

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Well, people are different in their nature and preferences and we cannot all like the same things. Still, not liking something does not mean you should not be familiar with it. In this case, someone had no idea how to spell RHCP’s full name despite it was on the album cover.

9. The theater sign 

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There are many examples of people who do a sloppy job but the accidental ones seem to be better sometimes. Nobody noticed that the theater hall where they played Deadpool had a peculiar looking sign that sent a different message.

10. The scheme

Image Source: Reddit

Before doing something, you need to have a specific plan and this is what someone created here. The initial design seemed simple enough but the people who built the wardrobe still messed up big time.

11. The company

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Being able to advertise your company is crucial for the business but you need to do it the best possible way. In this case, a company producing sliding doors didn’t even use one for their office building and that is not a good first impression.

12. The speedbump 

Image Source: Reddit

Road safety is an issue that needs to be addressed everywhere where road conditions are potentially dangerous. In this case, someone decided to use a rather inappropriate speedbump here that would hardly make a difference.

13. The caution sign

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some warnings are more than useless because they are placed where they are needed the least. This is one fine example of that because we can all see this floor could hardly become slippery.

14. The cards

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that store merchandisers have a hard job because they are always on the move around the isles. Creating a nice setup always attracts clients and this one is bound to do the opposite. These cards are in the wrong section.

15. The sticker

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that even the simplest possible tasks can be messed up if the person who is responsible has no idea how to do it. As you can see, even placing a sticker on a bus proved to be too hard for someone and they messed it up.

16. The pavement

Image Source: Imgur

Fixing a paved road is not for everyone. Arranging the separate pieces might appear to be easy but we assure you that it is not. The image above proves that – someone tried to fix the missing piece in this pavement puzzle but failed to do so.

17. The crosswalk

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious way for installing a sidewalk. We have always thought that painting them was the only option but we guess there is an alternative way we n ever knew about.

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