17 Funny Moments When People And Animals Were Caught Red Handed

Image Source: ME.ME

It seems that our modern digital era has a ton of benefits but one of the most amusing ones is the endless supply of amusing content flowing from everywhere. The list below confirms that by showing people and animals caught in the act in a very fun way. They are all worth sharing.

1. The dog bed

Image Source: Reddit

Pet owners are surely aware of the fact that dogs can get super protective of their beds once they receive them. It seems that they are sometimes forced to retreat as cats are also fond of such comforts. This dog caught the cat sleeping.

2. The AC

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one really painful sight to see, especially if you are the owner of this home or you have been in their shoes. The pesky Husky sitting in the window above is surely the culprit of this act of demolition. The AC is probably broken.

3. The sign

Image Source: Me.me

We all know that advertisers can be sneaky and there are numerous ways we can prove that but this is one sign that speaks for them all. The huge dollar store sign lettering is huge compared to the tiny addition that there are $1,25 items too.

4. The photos 

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing worse than having someone’s dog do their business in your own yard. Judging from the sign someone installed, one irresponsible dog owner decided not to pick up this huge pile of poo and the owner of the mown decided to expose them.

5. The purse

Image Source: Imgur

Dogs are always curious and hungry. This is a fact that all pet owners know and the image above proves it, too. One person found the family dog like this – the canine was trying to find something in their mom’s purse. You can tell the dog is guilty.

6. The tip 

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we need to say that some people are not really good at stealing. In fact, they are not good at all and this image reveals one such person. As you can see, someone found out who the thief was thanks to their fitness app info.

7. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how some farmers found their flock during one more night, All the birds wanted to cuddle inside and the farmers wanted to use their dog to help separate them. As you can see, instead of doing its job, the dog was caught having a good time.

8. The man

Image Source: iFunny

We have all heard about many people who tried to become smugglers. This is not for everyone and the thousands of arrests prove it. Still, some people manage to do it without anyone noticing. It seems this person failed in the most miserable of ways.

9. The pasta

Image Source: Reddit

There are many things dogs would love to eat. In fact, we believe that there are only a few things dogs would not eat. In this case, the owners of this golden retriever caught the pooch eating pasta that he was not supposed to reach.

10. The Subway

Image Source: Me.me

It appears that people are always after the best possible service which is why they have their favorite bars and restaurants. It is a fact that some of these places may still surprise their regular customers in a nasty way, just like in this case.

11. The paint

Image Source: Spoki

Renovating a home is not an easy task and those who are brave enough to try it must be aware of the risks involved. In the image above, one detail speaks about the greatest of them all – having a pet around. You can see the dog’s guilty look.

12. The guard

Image Source: Piximus

Some of the people who work in responsible positions need to be very careful in their line of work. This applies to security guards as well. As you can see, this security guard fell asleep on the job and the person who she had to guard even had his selfie taken.

13. The crackers

Image Source: Me.me

Dogs love food more than anything else in the world. People think that dogs love humans the most but we know that they want snacks more. As you can see, this doggo got its paws on a box of crackers and ate them all until the last crumb.

14. The gift

Image Source: Reddit

Gifts are usually special when they carry a message of some sort and you can see that this woman is making something very special. She had no idea that others could easily see what she was making but someone noticed it and took a picture.

15. The lipstick 

Image Source: Reddit

It is obvious that this woman’s makeup is kind of blurry but there is an explanation for that and it is right there in the same picture. The man in the background is kind of focused on something and you can see his lips are very red.

16. The mailman

Image Source: Imgur

Since we already talked about responsibility on the job, you need to take a look at this postman. He was probably tired of his rounds and he decided to take a quick nap but someone still saw him and took a picture.

17. The soda

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something quite unexpected. The manufacturer of this drink decided to use cans that were probably preordered and only changed the outer walls of the tin cans.

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