17 Bad Things That Disrespectful People Did But You Definitely Shouldn’t


There are all kinds of people in this world and not all of them are nice! In fact, we all get to meet people we would never want to see again! Some members of society are simply not fit to be among others, because they cannot keep up with the standards a normal society has set! These individuals are usually rude, annoying and they are always grumpy! They do not hesitate to show zero tolerance towards normal everyday things and according to them they never do anything wrong. Sounds familiar, right? The list below would probably remind you of such people you know!

1. This is the pond located just outside a supermarket

Image Source: Reddit

This clearly speaks of the attitude some people have! Instead of returning the shopping carts to the corner where they are usually stacked outside the store, people simply pushed them in the pond!

2. This is one of those drivers that would do anything to be ahead in traffic

Image Source: biacaip.com

You know how some people are convinced that if they are cheeky enough, they would be able to sneak ahead in traffic and save some time. Well, they are wrong in most cases. As you can see, this driver ruined a freshly-laid layer of concrete just to save a few minutes!

3. We stuff like this all the time

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot understand why people do such a thing! It would require absolutely zero effort for someone to throw away their empty plastic cup, but this person did not bother with that and just left their cup on the store shelf.

4. This is no place for a rest

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe the nerve some people have! This lady was probably tired of wandering aimlessly around the aisles and she decided to sit and rest. The trouble is, she used the apple stand as a bench! People put those in their mouths!

5. Many people have no regard for others’ safety

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this reminded us of a couple of similar situations we have seen over the years. People often have no clue about the right way to haul something, and this person definitely chose the wrong way to transport this ladder with their SUV!

6. Here is an image taken at the National Botanical Garden of the U.S.

Image Source: Reddit

We know that many people want to mark the good moments they experience by doing something special, but sometimes they choose something inappropriate! Carving their names in these plants is definitely such a thing and we hope nobody else would do it from now on!

7. Cyclists need to respect each other

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for many people, some cyclists have no respect for others, and they simply do what they please. In this case, someone locked a stranger’s bike together with their and went off to mind their own business, which is unacceptable!

8. Some people are prepared to go far in search of a good picture for their Instagram accounts

Image Source: Imgur

The obsession with Instagram is constantly growing and most girls already live their lives as if they are real models, but in reality all they do is upload images like this one, the making of which involved trespassing!

9. Someone showed disrespect towards this memorial

TheImage Source: Reddit

The beautiful WWI memorial is made to be admired and to serve as a reminder of those who have fallen during these events. However, someone decided to neglect that and to disrespect by littering! This is just wrong.

10. This is a perfect example of what not to do

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you have probably seen something similar yourselves, or at least the aftermath of such actions. This student was caught scribbling something on the wall next to her prior an exam. She could have studied instead of doing such a thing!

11. Now this is just too much

Image Source: Instagram

Like we already mention, some individuals have a complete disregard for other people’s effort and hard work. While the man on the right is trying to clean this canal from the trash clogging it, another man simply dumped a bucket of rubbish inside!

12. This is a huge no-no

Image Source: Reddit

If you happen to be in a public place, you should definitely be careful what you do, because you might end up in a similar position. This person spent more than ten minutes on the phone next to an automatic door, and it was open because of her, allowing the chilling air to get inside the building.

13. This is why you should be careful when you rent out your property

Image Source: Reddit

This image was posted by landlord. They decided to show everyone the aftermath of renting out their place. The carpet you is just over a year and half old and it appears to be completely trashed!

14. You could hardly get more annoyng than this

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those things that people simply should not do, but they do them, of course, and they do them all the time, too. This woman was in a waiting room along with other strangers, but that did not stop her to used the speaker phone and to talk loud!

15. We have no explanation for this

Image Source: Reddit

We guess this must be some form of revenge, otherwise it would be hard for us to explain such actions. Clogging the toilet deliberately is a huge no-no!

16. This person probably thinks he is at home

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody should act in a similar fashion, because this is just too rude! Of course, there is someone there whose duty is to sort out messes like this one, but this does not mean that this person should do such a thing!

17. An unknown person damaged all the shoes in one store

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that it was probably an unhappy client’s way to have their revenge on the store’s manager, but there is no excuse for doing such a thing!

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