17 Awesome Designs That Remind Us Our Planet Is Our Only Home

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We often forget that we only have one planet and we must keep it clean. Instead, many people exploit it to the point it is now on the path of becoming a much more polluted place than it ever was. It seems that every little reminder of how fragile our ecosystem is would be welcome. This is why these images exist – all of them show great designs that remind us we have only one planet.

1. The pen

Image Source: Reddit

We need to understand that no effort is too small when it comes to preserving nature. As you can see, the manufacturer of this pen decided to trust new technology and used espresso capsules as the main material for production.

2. The coffee cups

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We all love it when we have the time to go out for a walk with a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine. However, this trip ends up in another plastic lid thrown in the trash. This invention called Unocup eliminates the lid from the equation.

3. The handbag 

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, this is not an ordinary bag – it is stylish and its design is awesome but the best part about it is the fact it’s made entirely out of cork. We guess that people should start using such items more.

4. The filters

Image Source: Reddit

We have always thought about using reusable filters instead of buying paper ones. This would greatly improve our environmental impact – it would lower it. This person created such a contraption by sewing together some organic cotton cloths.

5. The towels

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person was clever enough to solve the problem with the kitchen towels that always seem to be used much faster than expected. Those big rolls are now obsolete for this person’s family.

6. The wallets

Image Source: Instagram

There are many personal accessories that we would like to change and as soon as we saw these wallets, we loved them. They are made from organic material produced from banana peel and their designs are cool!

7. The hangers

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A device as simple as a coat hanger can actually be completely reinvented when different materials are used. It seems that using cardboard is the ultimate solution to this problem – they are light and eco-friendly.

8. The sprinkler

Image Source: Reddit

There is no need for you to buy fancy or expensive gear to maintain your garden or houseplants. You must think about recycling old items and use them around the house. A milk jug can make an excellent watering device.

9. The bag

Image Source: Reddit

Shopping bags made from plastic and nylon slowly become obsolete but this idea is something we really loved. As you can see, this bag can be reused as sheets of wrapping paper which is nothing but awesome.

10. The straws

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There are good ideas and there are also awesome ideas. We firmly believe that those who come up with simple yet effective solutions are blessed with a sharp mind. Whoever invented these grass straws is such a person.

11. The wrapping foil

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the home products that are used often and we are happy that someone was clever enough to come up with a solution. This compostable wrapping roll is amazing and we would gladly buy it all the time.

12. The food wrap

Image Source: Instagram

There are many ways in which you could stop using plastic and add another personalized item to your collection. This washable food wrap is such an idea. It allows you to carry your food and make a statement doing it.

13. The bag

Image Source: Instagram

This is one neat idea: Puma released an amazing reusable bag that replaced the plastic ones. It can also be used as a storage unit for a pair of sneakers and this will eliminate the need for another box or a plastic bag.

14. The crayons

Image Source: Instagram

We had no idea that you could actually make zero waste lip balm and crayons but one company even produces them. It appears that if people happened to learn about this, they would buy them all the time.

15. The cups

Image Source: Facebook

The ideas of one diner are awesome, including this one – they use cups and containers to serve their food that is nothing but special – they are made from dried leaves.

16. The label

Image Source: Reddit Reddit

Here is how people are capable of doing all kinds of effort to preserve the environment. They replaced the small sticker labels and barcodes and used a printing machine instead.

17. The pencil 

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one really awesome idea that we like a lot. The manufacturer of this pencil chose an interesting output material – newspapers. The end result is awesome – you can see the colorful shreds when the pencil is sharpened.

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