16 Pics Of Freddie Mercury And His Cats – He Treated Them Like His Own Children

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We learned a lot about the life of  Freddie Mercury after watching Bohemian Rhapsody, but there is something about him that we like in particular. Apart from the talent and the great personality, the legendary singer was also a cat lover! He had cats of his own, and they received the best possible treatment! These felines were privileged to share their life with the likes of a true legend!

1. Nothing shows a man’s true nature like his attitude towards animals

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Chances are that if someone likes animals and treats them right, they are a good person, although they are exceptions! However, Freddie Mercury was no exception! You can see how gentle he is with one of his cats, and you can sense the love in the image!

2. That grumpy cat is in the most loving arms

Image Source: Twitter

It is as if the cat is aware of the fact that the human holding her is one of the best artists on the planet! Freddie looks extremely proud while holding one of his beautiful cats. He used to treat them like his own children, and you can be sure they lived in better conditions than most people.

3. This cat is not happy to be in front of a camera

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the rock legend loved posing for photos with his cats more than anything else, which is why there are a ton of images we can see. This particular cat seems to be annoyed by all the attention and we guess that it would prefer to be left alone, just like most cats!

4. This is one cute photo

Image Source: Imgur

This is what it means to be in the spotlight! Well, in this case the light comes from the flash of a camera, and Freddie can be seen in his younger days when he used to rock a cool hairdo! The cat next to him looks a bit surprised, but the photo turned out to be a nice one!

5. He looks really happy when holding a cat

Image Source: Imgur

It doesn’t take much for a cat person to be happy! All it takes is one thing and it is not that hard to guess what it is! Yes, cuddling with a kitty is the ultimate happiness! We love cats, too, and this is why we admire everyone who shares the same passion for felines!

6. Having breakfast together is a must

Image Source: Imgur

We really like how cats eventually become a vital part of a cat owner’s life. Once you get one and take it home, within a couple of weeks you will wonder how you managed to live without a cat in your life until now! You will literally do everything in the presence of your cat, and that is a nice way to live!

7. The legendary artist used every opportunity to pose with one of his cats

Image Source: Tumblr

Nowadays we have cameras in our pockets and we are able to take a photo literally every minute of the day. Back then it was different, because you had to have a camera and a film loaded inside in order to capture a moment. It seems that Freddie used to have a camera beside him quite often!

8. Happiness is always in the little things in life

Image Source: Tumblr

Seeing that smile makes us smile, too! We feel satisfied looking at the singer and how happy he was because of his cats. This means that he had a lot of joy in his life, despite that it was a relatively short lived one. This is why having one or more pets is able to improve anyone’s life!

9. You can never have enough cats

Image Source: Tumblr

It is true that dogs are more loyal than cats, but there are exceptions! It all depends on the bond you create with the feline. Cats’ trust is much harder to gain in comparison to dogs, but once the cat allows you to enter its own world, you are guaranteed to feel the love!

10. This black kitty obviously feels good

Image Source: nekomemo.com

If your cat loves you, you can be sure that it will show you that love in numerous ways! One of the most common among them is the cat’s desire to constantly nap in your lap! This is a sure sign that the kitty trust you and wants to be by your side!

11. Now this is a fluffy cat

Image Source: Twitter

Judging by the images, Freddie Mercury had many cats over the years, but this is one of the cutest ones for sure! We absolutely love chubby and fluffy cats because cuddling with them is the best kind of experience, and we are sure that the legendary rock star enjoyed smothering with love this fluffy kitty.

12. This is another of the singer’s many cats

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Freddie was not the only one who loved cats! His partner Jim shared that love and they took care of some of the cats together.

13. You can sense the happiness here

Image Source: aminoapps.com

It looks like as if the cat was their baby and we are sure that they took care of the animal in the best possible way! Cats feel when they are loved, just like every other pet!

14. No kisses were spared

Image Source: Tumblr

When it comes to his cats, Freddie was all about hugs and kisses, and we guess that the cats really enjoyed that! Not every cat is cuddly, but most of them like the attention they receive.

15. This outfit was inspired by his love for cats

Image Source: Tumblr

The singer was not shy about his outfits and this one is probably just one of the many cat-themed clothes he had. We would like to see this in person.

16. This is what you can expect when you have cats

Image Source: fanpop.com

Cats are fun to have because they are basically just fluffy goofballs that like to hide all around the house!

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