16 People Who Felt The Real Burn Of Shame

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We have all been in a situation where nothing goes according to plan. But it could get a lot worse if reaching a goal or doing a job requires you to do something inappropriate or just plain wrong; and while it’s not such a big deal if you get away with it, it’s a huge shame on you if you get caught red-handed.

If something requires desperate measures, or you happen to be in an awkward situation, be sure to think twice before you act, or you might end up in a pretty shameful situation.

1. This was probably the biggest mistake they could make

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How do you let a dangerous convict out by accident? The staff member who did this must be quite ashamed of himself.

2. The shame is probably worth the free Internet

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You might feel a little guilty when they ask you to leave after hanging around all day and enjoying the free Wi-Fi, but we all know it’s worth the shame.

3. Being independent doesn’t always pay off

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It’s good when you feel independent and know that you don’t need anyone else to get your stuff going. However, sometimes the thing you need is out of your reach – literally speaking. You could ask for help, but that’s just not who you are, so you choose the hard way.

4. This is what a solid friend zone looks like

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Just look at that guy’s face – behind the smile you could easily see that what he really wants is to disappear into thin air.

5. There is no excuse for this dress

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The fact that the woman in the picture is Rihanna doesn’t make the outfit less shameful. It is absolutely ridiculous and we cannot help but wonder why did she choose to wear this thing?

6. When your hideout gets busted and you feel the shame

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This dog is absolutely aware of the situation and is probably thinking of a reasonable explanation, but we guess that there’s going to be a lot of thinking to get out of this one.

7. We wonder if this person feels any shame at all

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Creating a social media account with the intention of uploading photos of your grandmother with random objects that you put on her head is the opposite of cool.

8. That face will probably not save the pup from being punished

Image Source: Imgur

This dog might be thinking that there is no actual proof of what he did, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

9. Everybody hates doing house chores, but this is simply too much

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We all tend to trash our homes every now and then, but this is closer to a dumpster than to an actual bedroom. Would you invite somebody here? We doubt it.

10. This pooch is obviously not afraid of the guilt and the shame

Image Source: Reddit

Being as ruthless as this dog is a bad thing; the canine fell asleep at the crime scene and probably does not have a clue about the consequences.

11. The evolution of ‘the cone of shame’

Image Source: Reddit

This is something that might be worth trying if somebody around you does something shameful. Just have a box and a marker ready and wait for a while – people do shameful things all the time.

12. This Roomba really outdid itself

Image Source: Reddit

Did you notice how the Roomba is just standing on the opposite side of the room as if nothing had happened? But how do you punish a robot vacuum cleaner? It doesn’t even feel the shame, but it should.

13. This is the perfect metaphor for quitting your pizza-addiction

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You tell all your friends that you intend to cut carbs and you would never bite a slice of pizza again, and later somebody sees you carrying the biggest pizza you could buy.

14. Happens every time

Image Source: Instagram

This is something that we could all relate to; just as you were about to pose for the perfect selfie, someone walks in on you and you feel ashamed without a particular reason.

15. That’s one way of scolding that actually works

Image Source: Reddit

When you are a dog, there just isn’t a way of actually being grounded after you did something you’re not supposed to. Still, this canine should feel at least a little shame.

16. Whoever buys this should be very ashamed

Image Source: Twitter

Nobody is lazy enough to buy a peeled orange! However, if they exist as a product, then people must be buying them. Shame on you, people!

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