16 People Who Dared To Do What They Wanted And Are Not Even Sorry

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Although nowadays people have much more freedom than before, most of them would state that there are many different boundaries that keep them from doing everything they want. However, some individuals really consider that they should be allowed to do whatever they please, and if they are not… who cares –they woild definitely do it anyway. Despite knowing it might have consequences, they just act according the way they think things should be. You can check out this collection of images and draw your own conclusions.

1. Lego Man

Image Source: Twitter

Most likely, this man is tired of stepping on his child’s Lego constructor and instead of bending and picking it all up each time, he just decided to play with it, put the parts together and do Lego shoes. He was probably sure that using these cool Lego-made sleepers he will literally step into it next time, not on it. We guess that his idea is rather interesting and we hope it worked out well!

2. Pizza Savage

Image Source: Twitter

Have you ever been outraged by the fact that someone eats their meal in a rather controversial or even inappropriate way? Here’s what happened when someone noticed such an activity. This lady ate her pizza in a weird way, and we are sure that one of the most delicious parts of it – the soft, soaked ends that are crispy at the same time – are going to go straight to the trash bin. It’s a shame, really! Why do you order pizza at all if you are going to eat it like that and throw some of it away in the end?

3. This child will achieve a lot someday!

Image Source: Reddit

In a literal sense, this is called climbing. In another literal sense, this is quite dangerous for a young child. How it got up there and who was responsible for allowing for that to happen is not something we will discuss now. But whether this child has great ambitions or not is undisputable. We hope the child will not give up on the idea of climbing all the peaks in his life, but in the safest possible way..

4. Life lessons from Cardale Jones

Image Source: Twitter

As you probably know, Cardale Jones is an American football quarterback playing for the LA Chargers who are competing in the NFL. The thirst for victory he has inside is so great that he did not hesitate to visit a child in a hospital and beat them in a video game not only 91-35 but 98-35… The hard lessons of life are learned in weird ways sometimes, and how a sick child learned one of them is kind of inappropriate … sadly, the whole thing seems to be nothing but ironic and funny for this player.

5. Male bible

Image Source: Imgur

We all know what the reaction of most women is when they see a man reading a men’s magazine. The pictures in it are not so decent, texts are not very meaningful and women are jealous of what men see in these magazines. Of course, it takes a certain kind of woman to react and remark after seeing such a thing. If a woman sees a young man reading such a magazine, then she will probably be outraged and most likely offended. However, when a woman sees a white-bearded man reading such a magazine, will she react the same as usual? What would she tell him when she looks at his happy smile?

6. A family portrait

Image Source: Twitter

In the past years, family pictures were an anticipated and desirable event. We all used to dress up in our finest clothes and posed in order to create memories together. The boy from the picture had a clue about it, and insisted on dressing like a clown. His parents were unaware of his mood and let him be whatever he wanted. What do you think – cute or creepy!?

7. “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” or “One for all, all for one”

Image Source: Twitter

Having supportive friends you can count on is something really valuable nowadays! And in a world of online dating, unfaithfulness and blind dates, the existence of this gang of friends is something really cool to see. When Megan decided to go on a date with a boy she met online, her friends decided to put on some wigs and be around to keep their eyes on her and the unknown guy. When Megan saw this, she could not stop laughing during the date, and most likely she and the boy never had a second date. Friends will be friends…. and these friends protect each other just like musketeers.

8. Mom’s Right

Image Source: Reddit

Your mother has probably seen more rude acts in her life than you’ve ever had. A high percentage of moms say motherhood is incredibly stressful. That’s why their nerves are stretched to a point of no return and sometimes they say things we do not like at all. But in fact they have probably earned the right to say it because losing it is a natural reaction to stress.

9. One thing you cannot take back in life is a word after it’s said.

Image Source: Izismile

When a man says something, we all expect him to keep up to his word. When a man claims something by posting it on his T-shirt, we all expect him to really do it. But this man clearly likes to do the opposite. The absurd image shows how a person who has the inscription “I hate rubber boots” on his black T-shirt wears exactly the same rubber boots.

10. I am a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

Image Source: Imgur

…And I am driving a Barbie Jeep. Why not!? This girl behaved just like a real rock star and went downtown in her pink Jeep. The freedom to do whatever you want without paying attention to other people’s opinion is what we call real freedom. The person with the big black pickup in the back is not cooler in any way! .

11. Here is how not to care about something

Image Source: Reddit

These students snapchatted their teacher while she supposedly decided to drink spicy mustard in class. But no one knows what the truth is – whether she loved mustard or there was something else in the bottle. Of course, maybe it was high time for her to take a long break from teaching.

12. Student’s dream

Image Source: Twitter

Early in the morning is the time when the alarm is ringing and every student hates that moment. This boy, however, lives his all other students’ dream. He just left school and went back to bed, feeling good in between warm and soft blankets. And there it is – he is already famous. Why do you need school for when it could be this easy?

13. He didn’t miss his turn in the line by ordering pizza from the DMV’s office

Image Source: Imgur

This dude accepted the situation and he waited patiently for his turn. Some people have probably been waiting in line for weeks, and he did not want to wait that long, so when he felt hungry, he just ordered a pizza. Was there anyone else in the room who would do it? No way there was!

14. Teen Spot

Image Source: Reddit

The rules should be for everyone to follow and must be respected by everyone. Adults expect teens to respect them, but whether adults respect the teenagers Or not is questionable. This man visited a library and he was so busy in doing what he intended to that he did not pay attention to which area he sat in or he simply did not care. Or maybe he still feels like a teen!

15. Men, men, men

Image Source: Twitter

How often do men know exactly where something you need is? When this person asked a male coworker if he had a paper clip, he knew the exact location of a small paper clip – and right where it was – on the floor by the wheel of his file cabinet. There is nothing she can complain about.

16. Wine O’clock

Image Source: Twitter

When a woman knows what she wants and what she can do, nobody can stop her. She is so confident that she always gets what she needs. Hardly anyone could ask her to leave or put her glass outside the store. It is wine o’clock, ladies!

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