16 Meaningful Tattoos That Have A Hidden Meaning

Image Source: Reddit

Tattoos are more than just a trendy body feature – they can express one’s personality, as well as represent a cherished memory, a loved one, a hobby, or a favorite movie, too. This is one universal way of adding something unique to your body while incorporating something that matters to you. This is what the list below is about.

1. The nose

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a tat can act as a tribute to a loved pet this person will never forget. The memory of Loki will live one thanks to this tattoo. As you can see, it is a perfect replica of the late cat’s nose pattern and we love it.

2. The panda

Image Source: mollyfree

Some tats are literally works of art and you can tell that this one is on that list for sure. As you can see, this cute tat offers more than it meets the eye at first. The branches of the plants above the three kids shape a panda image!

3. The clever tattoo

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Some tattoos need to be explored further in order to be fully appreciated by someone. As you can see, this person got an amazing beetle tattoo that actually morphs into a different image when she moves her arm.

4. The double meaning

Image Source: Facebook

Here is one tattoo that pretty much sums up the thing many people try to say while convincing others they were fine and nothing was out of order. In fact, someone who is clearly not okay but says they are fine probably needs help.

5. The connection 

Image Source: Instagram

Just like we already mentioned, some tats need to be explored before they are fully appreciated. We believe that trying to create an original piece needs a great idea and a skillful artist. It seems this was achieved here because it looks awesome.

6. The dots

Image Source: Flickr

It really seems that some people excel in making their bodies stand out from the rest by adding a tat that has never been seen before. In this case, one person decided to have a tattoo that revealed an image when the dots were connected.

7. The skyline

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the tattoos that we liked the most as soon as we understood what it represented. These skylines were combined together to show all the places where this person has lived. It appears that the idea would become a trend easily.

8. The chair

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another morphing tattoo that is simple yet impressive. As you can see, this chair can be folded after the person retracts their arm. This is the kind of tat that not everyone would have but it is meant to be unique, after all.

9. The spell

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a tat with very deep meaning that we absolutely loved. This person had some trouble with anxiety and more severe conditions when they had this tattoo. The Harry Potter spell turned any scary problems into ridiculous ones.

10. The giraffe 

Image Source: Tumblr

It really seems that the simplest ideas are sometimes the best ones. As you can see here, the name of this animal was incorporated in this design which is a very clever thing to do and it also looks awesome.

11. The passage

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another effect that is only revealed when the person who had it done retracts their limb. It is curious to see such tats and we believe that there are numerous ideas that could work if they are done like that.

12. The humor

Image Source: Imgur

We love it when people can keep their sense of humor even when they are faced with things that surely were a burden. In this case, one person lost his leg but not his spirit so he had this tattoo done and we like it a lot.

13. The Little Prince

Image Source: Instagram

There are numerous tats that couples have and their matching patterns are often cute but nothing can top this one. The couple chose an amazing idea – the Little Prince and his fox were the best things they could come up with.

14. The father 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person decided to carry the memory of her dad on her body and not only in her head. It seems that she chose a subtle and yet great way to make sure he is noticed – his most distinctive features.

15. The cat tat

Image Source: Imgur

This is by far one of the best ideas for a tattoo we have ever seen! Not only did they create a nice design but they added a twist – the special ink was a glow-in-the-dark substance that has a wow effect!

16. The couple

Image Source: Instagram

It really seems that those who truly love each other have some great tattoo ideas, too. This couple decided to have matching tattoos that look like nothing else we have seen before and we think they are awesome!

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