15 Photos That Will Show You What Is Wrong With Love Nowadays

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Life can throw literally everything at you, and things get especially delicate when it comes to love. The modern world really changed the way relationships happen and not everyone was able to adapt to that. Social media took over our existence and the online presence became more important than our reality! We find it hard to socialize and that is definitely not good! However, there is always hope and you can learn what not to do in order for you to be happy. The list below will give you examples of everything wrong with love and relationships that most of us have probably seen personally.

1. This is something relatable

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When it comes to having a relationship, there are a ton of important things beside love and passion. Life is not easy and it does not last forever, so you really need to focus and plan ahead. If you intend to be with your current partner for the rest of your life, you need to know that there are certain moments in life that are key to you future, like getting married and having kids. Your partner will not wait for you forever!

2. This meme is absolutely true

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It seems that there is something like a hidden function in most people’s brains. When they turn 30 and they are still not in a serious relationship, something just clicks inside their heads and they start to panic! The feeling they get is that there is nobody left that is good enough! Of course, this is totally not true. People need to accept the timing of their lives! Sometimes the best things happen after you wait a while.

3. Here is something that most people would agree with

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Jealousy is among the biggest threats to any relationship! Sometimes it leads to really painful episodes which never end well. Of course, this is something that people cannot overcome easily and in most cases they need help. The main problem is that the majority of jealous people refuse to admit that they need to fix this or at least do something about it. We guess that being jealous for no reason could push away even the one that loves you the most.

4. People choose to be alone deliberately sometimes

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It seems that too much disappointment and bad luck in relationships could scare people off! They begin wondering about whether they should start a new relationship or not. In many cases the second option prevails and sometimes it proves to be the better option. But we need to remind ourselves that this is a temporary choice, because there is no real happiness in being alone. Of course, you don’t need to feel lonely, but a soul mate would make feel complete for sure!

5. This clever meme tells some truths

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Well, this is one really curious way of presenting a problem that many of us have faced before. There is a certain kind of people who pretend to like you and they hang out with you, but they are using you instead! We don’t mean the gold diggers out there. There are people who would literally go out with you just so they can benefit from that night. A lot of things could be on their minds. Sometimes all they want is a free meal and in other cases they could want something else. You need to be careful when you start dating someone.

6. Here is one way to avoid being cheated on

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This meme is really funny, but it is also kind of sad, too. It shows one of the other main reasons why would someone choose to be alone than look for a partner. We know such people and we cannot blame them. After all, it is their choice, and they have enough reasons to consider it the right one. If you suffered a broken heart a few times, you will also be afraid to risk it all again.

7. Gaming is among the other serious relationship threats

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It may sound funny, but we assure you that it is not. This is a problem that is actually picking up speed! People get addicted to videogames and they begin to prioritize everything differently. This means that the other partner immediately gets neglected. This kind of addiction is no different than any other kind. It works just like drugs affect you. Once you start feeling good you just cannot stop!

8. Here is another meme in favor of the first photo

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We have always wondered why men are more afraid of commitment than women. It seems that they are comfortable just living with their significant other and having a good time together. Getting married and spending time with each other’s parents seems to be something that many men avoid for one reason or another. Truth is that if you want to keep a woman, you should show how serious your intentions are.

9. Sometimes people don’t give a chance to the relationship

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Well, we guess that most of us have been there or at least we have seen it happen to a close friend. Immediately after you start a relationship with someone, you find out that some things are different than expected, and this often leads to panic and eventually an escape. We are sure that a lot of good and healthy relationships were not given a chance due to some initial impressions or even a few feuds.

10. This is the result of a huge disappointment

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Sometimes you might feel like giving up but it is actually the last thing you should do! Regardless of what happened before, you need to focus on your life and try even harder to attract the right person for you. Letting go of the idea that you deserve to be with someone who is out there in search for you is fatal to your mindset, because you are likely to get used to it. Having a relationship requires hard work.

11. Dating apps are a controversial thing

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In today’s world of technology and gadgets we are all hooked and we cannot live without using apps! Of course, some of the most popular ones are the dating apps! They provide you with an instant opportunity to meet someone at get acquainted. Of course, this could easily end in disaster, but more importantly it can actually link you to your soul mate! The trouble is that you speak online and often the misunderstandings related to such type of conversation are the reason why they don’t last long.

12. People stop believing in love after heartbreak

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This is really painful and most of us have been there. It is just one of the things in life that everyone needs to experience in order to grow. Yes, every person grows after life throws something almost unbearable at them. The problem is that after suffering a broken heart and living through a break-up, many people simply choose to stay single and they even vow to never fall in love again, which is really sad.

13. This person is literally having an affair behind his partner’s back

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We are not sure if the photo is a random one or it was set up just to be taken. Either way, it speaks of a problem that we already mentioned. People these days are anything but loyal and something needs to be done about it! We guess that one of the main reasons for this to happen is the uncertainty in a relationship. Sometimes people start a relationship without being absolutely sure that they want to be with their partner or even if they like them or not. When you feel you no longer wish to be in a relationship or something important is missing in it, you just need to put an end to it.

14. This is one way to learn about that you were cheated on

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As we already mentioned, infidelity is a huge problem and most people never learn that they were cheated on. Maybe it is for the better, because when you learn that your partner was unfaithful, the pain you feel can be hard to bear with! Someone obviously learned the hard way about their unfaithful girlfriend, and we believe it was a tough pill to swallow.

15. Here is a nice visualization of the two main types of break-ups

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We know that break-ups are tough but there is one thing about them you should be careful if it happens to you. There are signs to look for and they will tell you if there is a hope to get back together or everything is over for good. This is easier to tell when girls are the ones who want to put an end to the relationship. If the girl is too emotional and appears to be uncertain about the decision, it will probably give you a chance to turn things around. However, if she is perfectly calm and confident, then the chances for a new beginning are probably equal to zero

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