15 Photos Showing People And Creatures Taking The Wrong Decisions

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes it is obvious that you are about to make the wrong decision, but you just don’t seem to care. In other situations you realize that it was the wrong one only when it is too late! Of course, in most cases the consequences are not that dramatic, but they can be annoying and also extremely funny to see! You are about to see what some wrong decisions resulted in. Enjoy the list!

1. This is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

Well, many people would probably relate to this photo! Christmas decorations are not a joke and they require a lot of time, energy and effort to be completed. The most important part is definitely the hanging of the Christmas lights. They really transform every house and they need to be wired correctly. However, this person obviously failed to realize that fact and the discovery that they were wired backwards was probably frustrating! We hope that there was a solution to the situation and the person was able to light them up.

2. This squirrel probably knows what happened and why it happened

Image Source: Reddit

They say that hunger can make you do crazy things, and this cute squirrel is obviously in a situation that began with hunger! We have no idea how the animal got inside, but we know one thing for sure. The squirrel knows what happened! Just look at that confused face! We hope that it did not spend a lot of time trapped in there. Maybe the person who took the photo freed the rascal.

3. Here is a driver who parked in the wrong alley

Image Source: Acid Cow

You know that most backstreets and alleys are full of cars, right? Well, it seems that this driver realized that the alleys outside were full of parked cars and he decided to park in another alley! Of course, this is not what really happened. It was actually an accident and we hope nobody got hurt! That is definitely not what you see every day when you go to throw some balls down the alley. We are glad that someone shared this photo, because it is a reminder to always make the right decisions while driving.

4. Now here is something really disturbing

Image Source: Acid Cow

Infidelity is a problem that affects everyone and everywhere. We guess that as long as there are people, infidelity will thrive! Of course, not everyone is a cheater, but most people who get cheated on never learn the truth! What you see here is a disturbing and bizarre situation. These two couple went to see a game, and it is clear to see that one of the people in both couples is unfaithful. We guess that it is a bad idea to demonstrate that when their actual partners are there, too.

5. Some people should simply quit going to the gym

Image Source: The Chive

This is one sight that can get you either laughing out loud or staring at it in disbelief! As you can see, a woman in the gym is enjoying some corn straight from the cob! This is surely one of the last things you would expect to see when you step inside the gym! People do all kinds of weird things when they go to the gym, but one tops everything! Maybe the woman thought that she burned too much calories and decided to grab a quick bite.

6. Do not leave your kid alone

Image Source: Acid Cow

People who have children can give you this piece of advice with ease, because they know that doing the opposite is a bad decision! The person who took this photo definitely had to clean up the mess as well. As you can see, this kid’s artistic side took control over everything else and this art installation was born. Of course, the kid was probably more than proud by it. The same cannot be said about the parents’ reaction. At least it was an easy fix and no damage was done whatsoever.

7. This driver obviously needs a lesson or two

Image Source: Acid Cow

Drivers around the world have one thing in common. They can always end up in big trouble if they are not careful! Everyone who has been involved in an accident before probably learned their lesson, but those who were able to stay clear from accidents tend to be more reckless. The person you see in the photo was probably distracted by something and he failed to notice that the gas pump hose was still attached to the car. The photo says what happened next!

8. This is the price you need to pay for an exotic photo

Image Source: Acid Cow

People are willing to do anything just to have their photo taken with some exotic addition. In some cases they even take unnecessary risks by standing on a steep edge or by exposing themselves to potentially dangerous weather conditions. This girl probably thought that letting some birdies climb on her just for the sake of a nice photo would not be a problem. She later found out that it was definitely not a good decision.

9. It is obvious why this is not a good idea

Image Source: The Chive

Some photos really speak for themselves and there is no need for a caption. As you can see, these people decided to pull off a completely unnecessary stunt! Their goal was surely to have their photo taken in a crazy moment, and they got what they asked for! The problem is that the person on the right risked more than she thought she would! You probably realize that this bottle of Corona could really hurt her teeth and one wrong move would be enough!

10. Here is why you should be careful when exploring the attic

Image Source: The Chive

Sometimes people are not careful when they should! Even in the comfort of your own home you could be exposed to dangers beyond your imagination! You can be sure that the person whose body is hanging from a hole in the ceiling thought that exploring the attic would be a piece of cake, but it was definitely a wrong decision! As you can see, the ceiling proved to be weaker than it should be, and the rest is history. We hope that the person was not hurt.

11. Sometimes you simply need to call a professional

Image Source: The Chive

Most men would never admit that they need to call a professional when the time for a repair job comes. Not everyone is a good handyman, and people need to realize that! As you can see, someone decided to fix the drainage system, but it went really wrong! Whoever did this sloppy repair job probably realized that a professional was needed in the first place. Of course, it is not too late and someone who actually knows how to do it fixed everything.

12. Here is one T-shirt we never want to see again

Image Source: The Chive

Most people dress in a way that more or less hides their imperfections. This is the normal thing to do, of course. However, this man probably decided to do the exact same opposite! It seems that he wanted to make sure that everyone can have a good look at his huge belly! We have no idea if the cut the T-shirt himself or not, but even if it is a genuine one and big hole in the front was put there for a reason, but it is not a good idea for anyone to wear it.

13. This tattoo is definitely one to regret

Image Source: DumpaDay

We have said it before and we will say it again – getting a tattoo is a delicate thing, because it needs a lot of thinking and you need to consider a lot of factors before going to the studio. A tattoo must be designed to perfection and you need to specify the exact place you want it to be done. Last, but not least, you need to check the spelling and the font! This person skipped a lot of the process and the result speaks for itself!

14. This is one really interesting hat

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it only looks like a hat! If you take a closer look, you will see that it is actually a cast helmet! It is sold mainly in Texas for obvious reasons! Yes, it looks cool and the idea about it is really fresh, but there is just one more thing. It was obviously supposed to protect your head from injuries, but a helmet that wide would probably cause accidents! The visibility in case of a falling object would be really bad, which makes the whole thing pointless.

15. Here is the reason you should always read the safety instructions

Image Source: The Chive

If you are about to do something you have never done before, you need to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into! Kayaking is definitely something that you should study before attempting it for real! There are courses that you should probably take. You should pay attention mostly to the safety instructions! The person in the back of the photo missed that part and we can tell that by the way she wears her life vest.

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