15 Photos Proving That Being A Teacher Is The Craziest Job In The World

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Being a teacher is definitely not an easy job; it takes dedication, patience, as well as having the right approach and knowledge. Some people say that the best teachers are born to do it, and there is probably some truth to that statement.

However, becoming a high school teacher takes even more than that – you need to be very tough to endure the crazy things that happen daily on the job. If you don’t believe it, check out the pictures below and see for yourself. It is definitely not for everyone, and we wish all the best to those who have decided to get a job as a teacher.

1. Defeating the school system

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Here is one hilarious example of how weird high school students could be. This teenager was able to trick the system somehow and the names on his student ID card are rather peculiar.

2. Another genius prankster

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This student had a funny way of making sure he will be remembered. He was able to convince everyone that he had a twin brother and this way he appeared in the school yearbook twice, with different outfits, of course.

3. Some students really come prepared

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When you see this high school student sleeping in the middle of class, you would probably think it’s rude, and you’d be right. The funny bit is that he knew that he would take a nap, because he had a full size pillow in his backpack.

4. Cheating does not always pay off

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Another student thought that it was a neat idea to use an online translator during a test in his English language school. However, there must have been a problem with the translator, and he was clearly not aware of what happened exactly.

5. This is more like it

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When it comes to cheating, some students really try their best and sometimes the effort pays off. This here is some next level business and we need to give this mastermind some credit, although we are not sure if he got caught or the photo was taken after the test.

6. Not the correct answer, but still a nice try

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Wow, this is kind of puzzling. While the right answer is clearly something very different, the one suggested by the student is actually correct in another way. We guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

7. This is how you troll your teacher with style

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Handing over the homework assignment written on a couple of bananas is not something you see every day. And we must admit that it’s a clever joke; let’s hope the teacher had a sense of humor.

8. Keeping things exact

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Imagine the effort this student put into counting the words on every row and also writing down the number of all words in the text. This is what high school teachers see on some occasions, and it’s the kind of thing that you don’t know how to react to.

9. The short story assignment

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This is either genius, stupid or hilarious. When you think about it, it’s actually a weird mix of all three. The student who came up with this is probably Eminem’s biggest fan.

10. Rules are meant to be broken

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Some schools have a strict policy about electronic gadgets and devices, but if there’s a will, there’s also a way, and somebody definitely found a sneaky way to bring a tablet in class.

11. The idea must be quite popular

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When you think about it, there’s more than one use of this clever hack than just entertainment during the boring class. For example, it’s a good way of cheating during test.

12. Pranks are a common thing, obviously

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A group of students decided to surprise their teacher with a brand new office space. It looks a bit futuristic, but we hope he liked it.

13. Now here’s a student with a bright future in computer hardware

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There’s a real joker in that school; swapping the buttons on a keyboard is a smart move if you want to pull a prank on someone, and it’s hardly noticeable.

14. The World Book collection reinvented

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You must admit that this student should get an ‘A’ for creativity. We guess that the librarian had something else in mind.

15. A little gratitude goes a long way

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The crazy stuff, the pranks and the troubles could all be washed away with a simple gesture like this. The teacher who received the cake must have been overwhelmed with emotions.

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