15 Photos Of Everyday Things That Will Definitely Make Us Mad When Happen

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Each day we experience a lot of things; while some of them are good and positive, the other could literally drive us crazy and make us hate the entire existence of the human species. Of course, we’re talking about the little things that are supposed to be simple and straightforward, but instead you end up with a fiddly job trying to fix or cope with a painstaking and time-consuming task. We all experience stuff like that each and every day and here are some examples to prove it.

1. The pain of the tangled headphones

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You could immediately relate to this, right? It’s a pain in the neck to get those straight, and there’s always at least one loop left, but you leave it be and plug the headphones anyway.

2. The sticker on your lighter

Image Source: Imgur

This happens every time; you try to peel off the sticker, but the glue turns out to be stronger than the paper part. When this happens, you either need to scratch it off or it will stick to your hand every time.

3. Peeling an egg could be harder than it seems

Image Source: reddit

If you did not manage to use fresh eggs or you did not calculate the boiling time correctly, you would end up with eggs like these – a huge part of the egg will be peeled off along with the shell. Maybe the trick with the water glass would be useful here.

4. Those safety seals are a pain, too

Image Source: reddit

It seems that all the bottle safety seals come apart like this and you are forced to tear it off in small bits. This is frustrating because it is supposed to peel off right away.

5. The default passwords are crazy

Image Source: reddit

The passwords that do not make sense are probably a factory setting. The trouble is that they are long in most of the cases, and you need to take your time and type it correctly, or you’ll need to do it once more.

6. The stuck gum wrapping is a common thing

Image Source: i.redd.it

Much too often you need a piece of gum, you pull it from the package and the wrapping remains stuck, and tears up into tiny bits. It is a small thing but it happens often and it’s frustrating.

7. Changing the toiler roll is apparently hard for some people

Image Source: reddit

Have you ever lived with roommates? It can be a difficult time, if you are not lucky enough to find with cool dudes to share your space with. A classic thing to do is not replacing the toilet paper roll, and we always wondered why – it’s not like it takes a lot of time or a big effort.

8. The self-tearing tin foil roll

Image Source: Imgur

Ah, yes, another classic frustrating thing. You start unrolling the foil, and it eventually gets stuck at one end; from that point on it gets worse and worse and you are left with a portion of the roll that’s unusable.

9. Plastic cup seals are always hard to peel off

Image Source: reddit

As we already mentioned, instead of easily peeling off the cover of plastic cups and bottles, it simply fails and you need to scratch it of little by little.

10. Somebody outdid himself with this job

Image Source: reddit

Wow, these people are not kidding about the parking rules there! You might lose a good ten minutes to read all the signs and calculate when or if you are allowed to park there.

11. Ever tried to unwrap one of these?

Image Source: reddit

This is probably the nastiest piece of packaging in existence. The irony here is that you need scissors to open this type of package, but the scissors are inside. It sounds like a bad joke, actually.

12. Seatbelts are very hard to get straight

Image Source: Twitter

Another super relatable every day fiddly job is the stuck seatbelt. As tough as it is to get stuck like this, you would find that it’s even harder to get it straight.

13. The failed zipper is one of the most common bad things that happen daily

Image Source: twitter

The faulty zipper is a nasty thing to fix, and it often needs replacement. The worst part about it is that it would most likely fail you when it’s raining or it’s very windy, for example, just when you would need to zip up.

14. The pistachios are literally tough nuts

Image Source: reddit

A big part of your packet of pistachios would probably look like this, and you’ll definitely need to put in strength and effort to crack them open. We hate it when it happens.

15. Gaming done wrong

Image Source: twitter

What’s wrong with these people? This is a simple game controller and the little joystick is thumb-operated! You absolutely do not need a separate hand to do it. Someone needs to show them you it’s done.

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