15 People Who Had All The Luck They Needed

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Sometimes a day that went by flawlessly could seem a bit boring; it would be much better if you won throughout the entire day against the odds, and probably had few near misses, too. If you are a thrill-seeker, then you would be much more satisfied if you knew that things took a turn for the worse before eventually turning out okay in the end. We guess that keeps a man feeling alive and develops a strong positive vibe.

The pictures you are about to see captured those kind of moments when different people were extremely close to a disaster, but everything turned to be okay at the end of the day.

1. The hat made this possible

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This dude probably realized that he would end up in trouble if he got caught, but he was able to pull of the plan.
We think that his hat made all the difference in this case, because there is no other physical resemblance between him and the actor.

2. This defect turned into an effect

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It is obvious that half of the sign is not working, but it still managed to deliver the right message. Some people probably even considered that someone tricked out the sign on purpose. The coincidence here is rather curious.

3. It must have been a lot of kids’ dream to end up in the store overnight

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We have always dreamed about this in our childhood years. These kids were probably having the time of their lives when they realized that they had everything in the supermarket on their disposal, and apparently they took advantage of the situation.

4. This person got lucky

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While the answer may not be straight to the point, this person has some drawing skills. Luckily, the teacher had an artistic eye and added bonus points because of the meme-inspired drawing of Sponge Bob.

5. Here is something rather sweet

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The kind gesture pictured here is probably a rarity these days. When the waiter dropped a potato fry out of this person’s plate, he returned with compensation, which is funny and satisfying at the same time.

6. Apparently precautions are needed when playing darts

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Talking about near misses, this is as near as they get. This person should probably learn a lesson and never play darts wearing sandals again.

7. Well, as they say, it is all well when it ends well

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This person was probably too tired to read the label, and since both tubes look the same, it is understandable why the mistake was almost inevitable. However, just before making the mistake, it was prevented and everything ended well.

8. Here is one bad situation that could have ended a lot worse

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The example shown here is not particularly positive, but considering another possible outcome, it could even be called a happy end. Imagine what could have happened if the windshield was not strong enough to slow down that axe.

9. Nothing unlucky here, just a feast for the eyes and stomach

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You could consider the person who took these photos to be extremely lucky to be a part of such family. We get that Christmas traditions need to be followed, but this is ridiculous. Nobody could resist the temptation, because they look amazing.

10. This is one lucky car owner

Image Source: Reddit

The owner of this vehicle probably parked it under the tree to save it from the rain, but nobody expected this to happen later. We should also point out that the owners of the building behind are at least as lucky as the car owner.

11. No near misses involved, just a lucky coincidence

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These guys met completely by chance, but they look like the perfect match. The odds of this encounter were very slim, so we consider this an extremely rare event. They literally look like brothers.

12. It makes you nervous watching this cruise ship pass below the bridge

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Imagine the skills needed to pull this maneuver off. It is definitely not like riding a bike or driving a truck, but it seems that whatever it takes, this captain has it, because it went so near that it causes some stress seeing it.

13. This is the closest you get to a disaster

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

The more you look at the way this person missed stepping on that rusty nail, the more you start believing in faith. There could have been a lot of pain and blood involved if that nail just happened to be a little more to the left.

14. Tight parking is a mixture between skill and luck

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

Even if this person pretended to know the dimensions of the car to perfection, it would still be impossible to pull this off without just a dash of good luck. However, it looks pretty impressive.

15. Somebody saved themselves a lot of trouble

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

What are the odds of this happening? We are pretty sure that things like that do not happen much too often. The person who dropped this key got very, very lucky.

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