15 Bizarre Images That Need Some Serious Explanation

Image Source: Reddit

Most of you probably already know that we are huge fans of everything weird or unexplainable, because there is more than enough boring stuff in the internet and we always seek the completely opposite stories. The web is an endless source of things that could satisfy your curiosity cravings almost instantly and this why we love digging up the material needed for that to happen.

We were able to put together this list, which will make you question people’s sanity or their ability to behave in a rational manner. Some of the images would be easier to explain than the other, but you will have some fun while exploring them and trying to figure all off them out.

All you need to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the list!

1. Here is how a single photo can raise a lot of questions

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is equally funny and strange! You don’t get the chance to see a man in underwear hanging from the wing of a plane, do you? The first question is why is he hanging from there and what was he trying to do in the first place? Second, why is wearing only his underwear? And last, but not least – is the plane stationery or is it moving? There are so many questions and so little information that we unfortunately have nowhere to get from.

2. If you think your job is tough, think about this guy next time

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all kinds of messes, but this thing here is something truly special! We get tired only by looking at it, and imagine what the people that need to sort it out feel like. It looks almost impossible to fix, but there is probably a way to do it. The main question here is how did those cables get tangled like that in the first place? It is as if someone did it on purpose. This mess makes the tangled cords behind your TV look like a child’s play.

3. Here is one confusing act of vandalism

Image Source; Reddit

The whole point of vandalizing something is to damage it in a way that everyone could see and understand and most people find it easy to do. They will just puncture your tires or scratch the paint with a nail or a key. However, someone obviously decided to vandalize this truck in a unique fashion. Writing something in binary code instead of a few curse words is a very curious way to damage other people’s property, and we wonder what the code means.

4. Architects have the weirdest ideas sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

We need to specify that we are not sure if this is the building’s actual design or a huge part of that brick façade just collapsed at some point. The giant split looks like it was done on purpose to create the effect that a portion of it fell down at one point. We don’t even want to think about the possible option that those missing bricks actually collapsed, because it must have been a real disaster.

5. Here is why nature can be proclaimed as the best artist ever

Image Source: Reddit

Well, at least here we no doubt about whether there is a split or not. In fact, the split is what makes this photo special! The way that this rock is divided into two parts is amazing, because the space between them is perfectly symmetrical as if someone cut it with a giant knife. Of course, the real culprit was erosion, but it is still a mesmerizing sight to see, and we have no actual explanation why the split is perfect while the rest of the rock is jagged.

6. This is the trendiest bandage we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

We simply cannot believe that this thing is real! Can you imagine having a bandage that has actual stiches on it? Is this some kind of a joke or maybe a production line malfunction of some sort? There are so many ways that this photo could be explained that we cannot be sure which one would be the closest to the truth. Maybe the stiches were added as an artistic touch, who knows.

7. Here is a bicyclist carrying a bike on his back

Image Source: Reddit

This photo may not look like much, but it actually curious. When was the last time you saw a man riding his bicycle while carrying another one on his back? That’s right, you probably haven’t seen a thing like that ever, and it looks a bit suspicious. Sure, the man is probably just doing a favor or maybe he is customizing his other bike and we cannot be sure what the actual reason is, but it is still a weird thing to see.

8. This is the weirdest jar full of jam you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Let us just say this one more time: jar full of jam. We can never get tired of saying this. However, let’s get to the point. It is normal to have air pockets inside the jar once you open it, but this here is ridiculous. The bottom part is entirely filled with air and we think that it is impossible to be that clean; there must be some kind of a trick here, like a fake bottom, but cannot see the point of such a thing to exist at all.

9. Here is one collection that we want to own

Image Source: Reddit

People have all kinds of hobbies; some are more common and others are truly unique, and once you see this one, you will know in which of these categories it should be classified. Collecting leaves or insects is one thing, but collecting different pieces of cereal is a completely different story. We would like to know the reason behind this weird hobby.

10. This photo gave us the chills

Image Source: Reddit

We bet that you haven’t seen anything like this before! We hope it is the last time we saw it, too, because it looks like something out of a horror movie. Even from a medical point of view it should be impossible, and the reason for that finger to move like that is either some anomaly or it is the result of an old injury. Whatever the real reason is, we don’t want to know and we definitely don’t want to see it move in person.

11. This is the strangest protest attempt

Image Source: Reddit

This guy probably thought that it was a good idea to climb on the freeway sign while wearing only his shorts, and he did it to hang some posters that were obviously addressed to the pollution problem that is getting bigger and bigger with time passing. His effort did not remain unnoticed, and the police forces shut down that section of the freeway, which is actually a win for the protester, because no cars there meant no pollution.

12. This is not a pile of dirt

Image Source: Reddit

This my look like a simple pile of dirt and small leaves, but it is actually a handful of mosquitoes. The exact number of the insects in this guy’s hand is 1,445. If you wonder how it is possible for someone to k know that, we will just say that the guy holding them had to count them one by one, because he participated in project aiming to control the insects.

13. This guy has the most controversial dress code ever

Image Source: Reddit

Camouflage gear was invented for one specific purpose, and reflection clothing was made with the completely opposite idea in mind, so it would be normal to assume that combining the two would be meaningless. However, this guy thought that he will go against all rationality and do it! We wonder if he realized what he had done or he simply grabbed the first clothes he saw. We hope it is not an intentional mix-up.

14. This reminded us of St. Patrick’s Day

Image Source: Reddit

The main difference between this photo and the green color of the river in Chicago is that this one is naturally created phenomenon, while the other one is a man-made marvel in honor of the celebrations. As weird as this river in Florida is, there is only one explanation – it is literally overflowing with algae, and we could imagine what the strength of the smell.

15. This seemed tough to explain, but we eventually figured it out

Image Source: Reddit

No matter how wrecked a bathroom is, this is something that you would probably not be able to see for sure! The reason for this is the existence of gravity, and you cannot defeat them easily, especially when it comes to tap water. Some thinking outside the box would eventually lead you to the reason why the water in this sink flows down sideways. In order to save you some time, we have the answer for you. The sink is located on a cruise ship! When the whole ship tilts, everything on it tilts along, except for the things that obey the laws of gravity, and running water is one of those things.

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