15 Amazing Things That Had To Be Documented In Order To Be Believed

Image Source: The Chive

One of the best things in the modern world we live in is having the opportunity to capture every moment with our cellphones; while some may not like this feature, because it can be exposing, it is still a way to have a proof or a memory of certain things.

Some occasions are so bizarre or unbelievable that nobody would believe it, unless there was a photo, and this is where the smartphone camera becomes really handy. You could see examples of this in the list below.

1. This guy is probably aware of his resemblance with Colonel Sanders

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, what are the odds of taking this picture? This man looks exactly like the KFC founder and if he eats regularly at the fast food chain, he must be used to the attention he gets.

2. Here’s what running into the wrong person looks like

Image Source: Reddit

The guy with the bald words on his T-shirt probably did not expect to literally meet his maker on the same day he put it on his back. Judging by the facial expression of the dude with the sandals, he is really enjoying this moment.

3. Nature served a better show than humans did


It looks like someone above decided to show people how really spectacular special effects look like. The combination with the fireworks created a surreal feeling and there was no way for this to be described if it wasn’t captured on video.

4. This is awesome and kind of creepy as well

Image Source: Reddit

It’s unbelievable, but a pot plant resembles a human face! The way what the plant is peeking out the window and the sad look of it is really intriguing. While it’s probably a matter of positioning and light, it is still an eerie sight to see.

5. Worst police escape ever


We do not have the slightest idea why is the girl trying to evade the policeman; we also don’t know what they are saying to each other. What we do know is that this here is hilarious and totally absurd, and if there was no video footage, we would never believe it.

6. Safety must always come first

Image Source: eBaum’s World

However, this is a bit too much, and the dog did not probably enjoy being fastened with the car belt. This guy obviously decided that he would have a few laughs and the photo was taken; it’s well worth sharing, though.

7. This cat has some mad skills


We wonder if this feline fighter picked up the moves shown here from some TV program. The skills demonstrated by the kitty are simply amazing and it’s a good thing that this woman decided to film just at the right moment.

8. This is unreal

Image Source: BlazePress

Although there is obviously a photo of this trick, we still find it hard to believe. Arranging a tall stack of Cheerios on a baby’s head seems impossible. It seems hard to do even on a still and flat surface. This man must have nerves of steel.

9. While we’re talking about cereal, check this out

Image Source: The Chive

Now here’s a spoon for those moments when your cravings for cereal are indescribably big. The monstrous spoon is hardly useful for everyday life, but the fact that it exists is cool enough.

10. The selfie mania has gone far out of reasonable proportion


Could anyone explain what was this guy is doing there? His determination to catch a certain image must have probably taken him a while to do it. Just imagine the lengths some people are prepared to go in order to have an image for sharing on social media.

11. Somebody went to the wrong street

Image Source: The Chive

We remember Elmo in a slightly different light, but it seems that everyone is going through a change at some point in life. Seeing Elmo slamming down some guy on the ring really alters our childhood memories.

12. This photo could happen once in a lifetime

Image Source: The Chive

The fact that this person’s umbrella broke loose in an unusual way is not the strange part; what’s unusual is the accidental photo that is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

13. This is some tricky make-up

Image Source: Imgur

This master make-up artist created a truly unique vision. The additional fake eyebrows and the heavy make-up create an illusion that makes it hard to tell which is which when the eyes are wide open.

14. Nobody’s ID card picture looks like that

Image Source: Instagram

Wow, just look at that gorgeous girl! We all know how our pictures look like, and seeing this photo shoot-worthy snap makes us a bit envious.

15. The anti-fog mirror appears a bit foggy

Image Source: Reddit

It’s always frustrating to have your expectations shattered by the brutal reality. This mirror was supposed to have a certain effect, but it proved to be just the same as the other normal bathroom mirrors.

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