15 Amazing Ideas You Won’t Believe That Exist And Should Be Implemented Everywhere

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With each passing day our world evolves more and more; many bright minds and talented individuals work hard in order for the human race to advance. But while some are focused entirely on the bigger picture, others are working towards making our everyday routines easier and more efficient.

The schedule of most modern people is extremely busy, so any idea that would allow for less time or resources to be wasted is more than welcome.

1. A combined sink and toilet water dispenser

Image Source: amazon.com

This is one of those inventions that are incredibly simple, but equally efficient. Imagine the water you could save on a yearly basis if you have one in your home, not to mention that it saves you the space for a separate sink.

2. Get a free coffee while helping maintain the beach clean

Image Source: Reddit

Now there’s a sign that should be put on every beach, and we think it would be super effective. The person who developed this approach must be a brilliant marketer. We imagine that this is probably one very clean beach line.

3. Traffic lights from the future

Image Source: Reddit

These Ukrainian traffic lights are amazing, because it looks like any ordinary unit could be transformed into this beauty. It is probably many times more effective, as you could hardly miss it, and it looks stunning.

4. Canine-friendly water fountain.

Image Source: Reddit

All water fountains in parks and alleys should look like this one. Whenever you stop and take a sip, the excess water simply falls down to the built-in bowl for all other living creatures to be able to hydrate on a hot day.

5. Now you know if your toothpaste is the one for you

Image Source: Reddit

Every toothpaste container should look like this one. The simple chart on the back lets you know what’s inside and what the actual effects on your teeth would be.

6. A built-in elevator remote control

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody likes waiting for the elevator to come down from the 22nd floor. The solution is simple; someone came up with the idea of installing an elevator summon button in the beginning of the hallway, thus allowing you to call the elevator before you even got to it.

7. Another elevator hack

Image Source: Reddit

One of the other annoying things about using an elevator is when you need to push a button, but your hands are full of groceries or other things. Someone who was obviously tired of this happening to him came up with elevator control buttons that you could kick – an easy and effective solution to an everyday problem.

8. A playground for kids in Denmark like no other

Image Source: Reddit

There are probably similar playgrounds in other countries, too. The idea behind this playground is to teach the kids all the traffic rules of the city, so they could take their bicycles on the street and be safe. This is an absolute must for every neighborhood.

9. Forget about having a flat tire

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, apparently airless tires for bicycles exist. It looks so simple that it’s borderline genius. The only thing that we are not sure about is the ride comfort because it has to be a rather firm rubber used to produce them, but it is probably good enough. And they look fantastic!

10. Super effective solution to a common problem

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot help but wonder why they don’t do this in every parking lot. A lot of people fail to park neatly in the parking space between two lines, but having them extended on the wall is a simple and effective solution to this problem.

11. All skiers would appreciate this

Image Source: Reddit

We all know what a pain it is when you decide to get a cup of tea in a ski resort cafeteria while you still have your gear on; everybody leaves their helmets, gloves and other stuff all over the place. These genius chairs are the perfect solution.

12. This umbrella warning is very helpful

Image Source: Reddit

This is an umbrella warning system in an office building that indicates when it’s raining outside, so you can get an umbrella before you leave.

13. A couple-friendly Swedish bench

Image Source: Reddit

If you and your date intend to have breakfast and coffee while walking in the park, one of these benches would make the whole experience a lot better.

14. Copenhagen has cyclist-friendly trash bins

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those cheap and simple solutions that are a must for every busy city.

15. The toilet paper roll of your dreams

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently there is a toilet paper roll that has a “to go” insert in the middle, so you could take it in case of an “emergency”.

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