14 Unexpected Situations That You Do Not Want To Be In

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We believe that some situations happen so we can learn a lesson; others are simply caused by accident. No matter the case, we really think all of the photos below are very amusing to see. This is only as long as we are not in their shoes, of course! Some of the photos clearly show what has actually happened prior to taking them and there are others we have not figured out completely. We guess that you might also enjoy them as we did!

1. Here is a person who got a valuable lesson

Image Source: Reddit

This is the moment when someone realized why they should never overload a cart carriage. We have checked about this and it turns out that on average a horse weights about 1,000 pounds. In this case we can only imagine how much this load weights! Despite the fact that this is definitely not the right way to do things, it is nice that the person did it, because it is hilarious to see. Most probably knowing what might happen, they would not repeat this again, but at least they took this amusing photo.

2. These are some pretty big letters

Image Source: Reddit

Some of us can relate to a similar story. There are quite a lot of people with eye problems that do not admit it to themselves. They usually refuse to wear their glasses and prefer tiring their eyes all the time. Afterwards there always comes the time that one way or another they have to face the problem. We believe that this might be the case of the person in this photo. As we can see they are stunned about the follow-up letter with this huge font. However we cannot blame the clinic as they need to make sure everyone is able to get this message and read it. Even in case someone denies their problem for so long.

3. This is certainly not the plan she had in mind

Image Source: Instagram

It looks like she really had a good cry! The outcome is that after it, she actually realized how funny the situation got and this made her smile. The good news is that it sure looks like she feels better and even posted about the situation. Once we saw this photo, at first we were wondering if the spray tan would come off completely when it is washed off. We unfortunately cannot be completely sure; however we can always try it out! Most probably she had to reschedule the date, but we think the most important thing was that she was able to see the bright side of this situation.

4. Here is one very proud pet

Image Source: Instagram

This looks like one very little, but at the same time highly self-confident creature! Maybe it was a boring afternoon and this girl decided to play a game of tag with her unusual pet. As we can see in the photo it probably just won, and it looks so proud. The expression it has on its face is very amusing to us. It surely reminds us of a child who just got what they wanted even if it was forbidden. After all we cannot blame this small animal, as even we know how good these moments feel.

5. This surely is one quite unusual way to travel

Image Source: Twitter

This photo was most probably taken in India. In our opinion it is maybe one of the funniest on our list. The person looks like a king, but only after we ignore the fact that his throne is placed on the back of a moving truck. Amazing things can be seen every time we visit a foreign country due to the cultural differences. When we think about it this might actually turn out as something usual. Even if it is accepted to travel like this in India, this certainly does not make it less amusing for the tourists.

6. Here is one creative idea that does not really work

Image Source: Reddit

What would you do if your fuel cap is missing and there is not enough balance in your card to fix it immediately? Here is a simple solution for the problem, until your paycheck comes this month! Okay, maybe it is not the best way to do it, but it still works, doesn`t it? It sure turned out as a good joke after all. However in our opinion this is not only funny but risky, as now someone could easily steal all of their fuel.

7. This is really not the way to eat pasta

Image Source: Reddit

It seems like this person had a very fun evening, but this surely does not look like a very fun morning! Sometimes it can be very easy to mix up things, especially if you had too much to drink last night. In a moment when you are very sleepy, your head is all weird you should be carefull with your breakfast. Here we can see a funny situation, when this person actually put pasta in their milk instead of the cereal he probably wanted. This is a sure sign they have to get another coffee!

8. Game over!

Image Source: Reddit

This is usually a very fun game to play indoors. As long as it works, of course! Here we can see how the dart hit the power button and we presume the game is now broken. The good news is that they can still throw the darts, but someone should take care to keep counting the score. On the bright side, they will have the chance to go back to the good old times without electronics, and use a simple pen and paper. Another option is to just buy a new game; we supose we will have to keep guessing.

9. It looks like someone had the right to be frustrated here

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever put up this sign probably really believes that sooner or later, the thieves will get what they really deserve. This is one quite sarcastic way to state what has happened. It is probably meant not only for the people who stole, but to anyone who see this, so they can be careful and protect their property. No wonder this sign came up as they are quite affected by this act. It surely causes a lot of inconvenience to work without proper air conditioning and now they have to buy new ac units.

10. Here is a time when only the look says it all

Image Source: Instagram

Doesn`t this remind you of a story where some teenager was seacretly sneeking out of the house n a regular basis… Then they went to this amazing party with all of thei friends and had a a lot of fun. And this photo looks exactly like the moment they sneek back at home, far after 03:00 AM passed, to only find out that their dad was still awake. He would most probably have given them this exact same look! We think this photo is very entertaining as the lady most probably just got a funny reminder of her teenhood.

11. This is what could happen if you forget your ski boots on the street

Image Source: Imgur

To us this looks like a moment when someone got fed up with falling from the ski all the time. They probably went off the ski run and were in a rush to remove the boots. It is hard to be absolutely sure about what happened next, but most probably this person forgot the boots on the street. Afterwards, they got run over by another car. Once they turned back to take the boots, that was what they found was left of them. Maybe it is a good sign to simply use a sleigh next time, it might be more fun.

12. It seems that someone just got caught

Image Source: Imgur

You are really lucky if you have not been in a similar situation. Here it seems that someone will be having one of these serious couple conversations as soon as they get home. We are all online most of the time and we tend to casually flirt with someone from time to time. It probably does not mean anything, but it surely is not really great to get caught and to give all kinds of explenations. The person was probably shocked to see that his access was denied, and we hope that all turned out well after all.

13. Someone should really renovate this school building

Image Source: Instagram

During a class part of the ceiling fell down and almost hit this student. He surely was quite lucky on this day! If this piece had fallen over him, this would have been a totally different story. Maybe that was the way for him to learn more about gravity! The most important thing is that it all turned well and he is fine. Someone should really consider doing some major repairs in this school.

14. Here is what is inside of a car door

Image Source: Imgur

People can sometimes become obsessed about being different and getting noticed! We really do not believe that this is the case here… or could it be? When we take a closer look it seems like this was actually done on purpose. We cannot deny that for a lot of people, it might be interesting to check out what is inside of a car`s door. The owners surely got some attention, however cutting off a piece of the car doors is not the best way to gain it. We feel sorry for the car, but hey, now at least we know what the inside of a car door looks like!

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