14 Pics Showing Weird Things That Would Need A Lot Of Explaining

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If you are curious and have enough free time to kill while browsing the internet, you have likely stumbled upon tons of awkward images that surely raised a lot of questions. The problem is that some photos can be really disturbing, and you start having second thoughts about whether you should know the stories behind them or just leave them unexplained. However, most of these photos show the right mix of weird and curious stuff and we would all love to know what they actually stand for.
To illustrate all of this, we managed to select some photos that would surely have you guessing what was happening in them.

1. Roommates tend to act weird much too often

Image Source: Instagram

As you can clearly see, these two photos show something exceptionally strange, and there are some questions that need answering immediately. First of all, why did roommate A decide that a weird medic suit and an animal mask would be the best thing someone could wear, but what is even stranger is that roommate B actually thought that it was a good idea and wore the suit, which looks kind of creepy, to be honest. Maybe both roommates were medical students, but this would still not be enough to justify the costume.

2. This is not the average construction site for sure

Image Source: Reddit

You haven’t seen anything until you see Darth Vader exploring a construction site filled with workers and heavy machinery! We have absolutely no idea what is going on in this picture, but we are eager to find out and we definitely have some theories about the whole thing. One theory is that someone probably lost a bet and had to come to work wearing this ridiculous suit. Another option which is even more probable is that one of the workers simply used the fact everyone needed a mask to breathe in the environment, and simply added a few details.

3. This one got us puzzled

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a photo that sparked our curiosity as soon as we saw it. We are not sure if this is nothing but a cleverly altered image, or it was a setup which used a pre-edited video. Whatever the case is, the image is both funny and weird, and it is not something you see every day. One thing is for sure, though; we are all sure there is no way that someone could look from the other end of the TV towards the people watching the program.

4. Everyone wants to be different, but this is simply too much

Image Source: Instagram

This photo shows exactly why being different is not always a good thing. Our modern society makes people want to stand out from the crowd by looking different or behaving in some particular way which they thought was cool. However, trying to create a new trend is harder than most people think. Skateboarding on two plates full of spaghetti and meatballs is definitely not one of the trends that would get a lot of followers for obvious reasons, not to mention it looks dangerous.

5. Someone really made a huge effort here

Image Source: Reddit

Furby was among the most popular 90s toys and most kids had one of these furry characters which we have always considered to be slightly creepy. If you thought that there is absolutely nothing creepy about Furbys, this photo will surely change that. Someone created a Furby with a snake body and skeleton hands, which is more than weird, not to mention that the creature is obviously about to eat a couple of hotdogs.

6. Mopping the floor never seemed so awkward

Image Source: Reddit

Just when we begin to think that there was nothing that could surprise us, we come across a photo like this one. Nobody was actually going to try and clean the floor with this mop, but the actual reason why it is stuck in a huge and perfectly shaped ice block remains a mystery. We guess that it was in a water container that froze overnight, and the result is what you see here; someone probably made the effort to carry the chunk of ice inside with the sole purpose of taking this photo.

7. Someone created a bike from Dr. Seuss

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you can say that we added another item on the bucket list after we say this amazing vehicle! It is more than just a bike, because most people who can already ride one would probably have a hard time figuring out how this thing works. It looks like a lot of fun, and we salute the person responsible for creating this cool transportation device. Imagine if someone decides to steal it – it would probably be a hard thing figuring out how it works exactly.


8. Some fashion trends need to be forgotten fast

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea if transparent sneakers are already a trend, nut we hope they’re not, because we would never want to see another pair again! It looks kind of weird and there are also a lot of limitations, too. For example, if you wear socks, the whole transparent part of the shoe becomes meaningless, and without socks you can be sure that your feet will smell bad and you will likely have blisters.

9. The irony is strong with this one

Image Source: Reddit

The building you see here was intended to house an engineering school and as you can see, it does not look safe at all. We cannot help but wonder why they chose this design in the first place. It seems that everyone in this school will need to find a solution to the problem, and maybe some kind of a sponsor would be a nice solution.

10. Here is one creepy public sculpture

Image Source: Reddit

True artists remain hard to understand in most of the time, but that depends on their style or the emotions they put in a certain work of art. Whether we’re talking about a painting, a poem of a sculpture, most people would fail to get the real message behind a piece of art. The awkward photo you see here shows a bizarre sculpture which we are not sure about its meaning. It probably stands for something, but we don’t know what it might be.

11. Not the typical family portrait

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a photo you do not see every day. Most families pose in traditional ways, but this case is completely different. The reason for the photo is the little boy in the middle, and as you can see, the kid has some kind of magnetic skills. The whole family seems to be extremely proud of this fact, but there must be a logical explanation for it. One theory is that the boy wears a body-colored special shirt, and it sounds as a probable option. Of course, we guess that some people are really different, and the boy may actually have superpowers.

12. This is the stuff nightmares are made of

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is just one more photo that may have a lot of different explanations behind it, and we will try to cover some of them, but first we need to say that it looks absolutely terrifying. Clearly it is an adult person in a nice costume just hanging around a kids’ playground, and one probable reason is the intention to take some photos, or probably that person was coming home from a party and decided to have some fun and scare the hell out of everyone who saw the scene. One thing is for sure, though; at least the person chose to do it in the daylight, because it would have been many times scarier if someone saw this in the middle of the night.

13. This date continued for quite some time

Image Source: Reddit

Dating is fun, and although it ends in complete disaster sometimes, it is still worth it. If things actually turn out to be okay and the people have a good time in each other’s company, the date could take quite a long time, but this photo suggests that one date probably lasted a lot longer than it should. Of course, this is a clever setup, and some prankster really made an effort to find these fake skeletons and put them inside the old boat. We guess that everyone would freak out if they saw this at night.

14. There are so many wrong things about this photo

Image Source: Reddit

This may actually be the weirdest photo on the list, and we found it really hard to believe that someone could actually dress like that for any kind of occasion. We get that this couple wanted to stand out and show some creativity, but the end result obviously took a turn for the worse, because they look absolutely ridiculous! Just take a look at the thing that’s hanging from the guy’s mouth! Not the mention the strange shoes and make-up. And to top it all off, there is a guy in the back with a huge belly, just to add some contrast to the whole composition.

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