14 Photos Of People Who Thought They Look Like Celebrities, But Were Wrong

Image Source: Awesome Inventions

Celebrity lookalikes are not something new; internet is full of them, and there are even special contests and conventions that attract thousands of people who pretend to be the best doppelganger of a certain celebrity. However, while some imitators are good at it, there are a lot more of them that are the complete opposite, despite what they think. This may turn into a huge personality problem, because most of the doppelganger-wannabes truly believe that they are identical, which cannot be further from the truth, and these people need a really long look in the mirror while holding a photo of the actual celebrity in order to cope with it.

Meanwhile we have selected a variety of images showing people who really thought they resembled a famous face, but the sad reality was completely different. You will definitely cringe when you see some of them.

1. Somebody lied to this woman

Image Source: Twitter

We suspect that the caption she wrote on her own photo is actually made up by her; there is no way that someone would tell her that! The other possible option is that someone simply tried to impress her with a fancy compliment and compared her to the first random celebrity to their mind. However, that person has probably never actually seen the famous singer, and there are a lot of photos on internet. The only possible way that she would look like her is if someone is able to find a really blurred photo of the singer taken from a weird angle, and it would still be extremely questionable.

2. Is this some kind of sarcasm that is hard to get?

Image Source: Twitter

The case here is actually similar to the previous one, but the difference between the person and the actual celebrity is even bigger. We all know how Beyoncé really looks, and even on the photos where she is shown without her stage outfits, lavish hairstyles and heavy make-up, she still looks a lot different than the woman in this picture. In fact, there is nothing in common between the two of them.

3. Have you heard of Kylee Jander before?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this one literally left us speechless, and for some time we actually thought that the whole thing was a joke, but it is not! This woman must be absolutely delusional, or someone at church convinced her about this absurd comparison. Whatever the case is, she definitely thinks that she looks like a person named Kylee Jander, which is hilarious, because she obviously meant Kylie Jenner, and that only adds to the strange and funny situation.

4. This boy needs to rethink the comparison he made

Image Source: Twitter

Ridiculous comparisons are sometimes funny, and this one is the perfect example, because nobody could react in a different way than just laugh about it. The resemblance between him and Rihanna does not exist, and the only thing that has something in common is the hairstyle, but that is not a body feature and everyone gen get a haircut like that. We guess that his style was created intentionally, but he had to put in a lot more effort in order to come just a little bit close to Rihanna’s appearance.

5. Sometimes it is all about influences

Image Source: Twitter

If someone says to you the same thing over and over again, you would eventually accept it or at least you would start believing it, despite the fact that it might not be true. We believe that something similar happened here, and despite that this girl looks cute, there is absolutely no resemblance between her and Rihanna. The only common thing is that they are both female, and that’s about it! Maybe someone eventually told her that she is definitely not Rihanna’s lookalike and ended her fame-filled episode.

6. Yep, it’s definitely just her

Image Source; The Daily Buzz

You might want to sit down for this one, because it is absolutely ridiculous. We find it hard to understand what makes these people believe that their appearance has anything to do with how a particular celebrity looks like. Other people’s opinion is surely contributing for such delusions and some of the examples above prove it, but the way this woman captioned the photo makes us think that she believes this herself, but we need to disappoint her – she does not look like Britney.

7. There is not even a hint of resemblance here

Image Source: Twitter

Well, one look outta be enough for anyone to say that this girl’s appearance has nothing in common with the stunning Kim Kardashian, but that’s not a bad thing, actually, because every woman is pretty in her own way. The odd part is that some people start believing in the imaginary resemblance, which results in posts like this one. We guess that if someone was able to explain the sad reality to this girl, she would be embarrassed, and we would be, too, if we were in her place. People need to have a clear vision and such delusions are not a good thing for sure.

8. Nope, people are wrong about this one for sure

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one more example of someone claiming to resemble a famous face that cannot look more different, actually. This guy and Idris Elba are both human and they are also both male, and that wraps up the short list of things in common between them. We believe that the dude meant someone else, or he has never actually seen how the famous actor looks like.

9. Steve Harvey will not be flattered

Image Source: Twitter

This man claims that he actually looks like Steve Harvey, and we feel generous this time, which is the reason we will say that he might be on the right track, but we need to see a huge smile and then decide for sure. Even if he has the same smile, he cannot be considered his doppelganger for sure.

10. We will surely disappoint this dude

Image Source: We Know Memes

It sad to see someone disappointed about something, but this guy is simply asking for it. First of all, we noticed that people keep misspelling Rihanna’s name, but let’s say that it is just a typo. When we move on to the actual caption of the photo, we need to be honest – the girl does not look like Rihanna for sure, and everyone who has seen the singer can easily confirm that.

11. This dude may actually be on the right track

Image Source: Twitter

Yes, he definitely has nothing in common with Channing now, especially when you compare their bodies. However, if this teen tries really hard and hits the gym regularly, he might actually become eligible for the actor’s double someday. If you look at the boy’s face, you can see a bit of resemblance, actually, but he is not his doppelganger for sure. However, if we make the same comparison within a few years, things would probably be changed for the better.

12. We have a message for this girl

Image Source: Twitter

If someone told her that she actually looks like a male NDSU football star, we think that person is very cruel! Yes, her hair kind of looks like the player’s, but it does not mean that she looks like a giant bearded dude! The girl actually seems to be thrilled by the comparison and even wanted to meet him, which is kind of cute, actually.

13. The young Johnny Depp did not look like this for sure

Image Source: Twitter

We get that most men would be happy to look like the famous actor, but only a few of them in the whole world would probably look like him for real. Of course, there are a lot of handsome men out there, and they don’t need to look like anyone in particular in order to be considered to be good-looking. This dude has his own style, and some girl will find him to be even more attractive than Johnny Depp, and that is the only thing that actually matters.

14. Here is another poor attempt someone made to resemble a famous character

Image Source: Twitter

Most of you have seen how Kylo Ren looks like; the character played by Adam Driver has a very distinctive physique, and looking exactly like that seems to be almost impossible. However, one man obviously gave it a shot, but we need to disappoint him, because there is no real resemblance, and we are sure about that even though both photos have poor quality.

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