14 Amazing Sister Tattoos That Will Surely Inspire You And Your Sibling To Make Your Own

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The strong bond between sisters is something that could probably withstand any kind of challenges and obstacles; it’s one of the strongest possible connections between people. For those of you who don’t have a sister – It’s like having your best friend stay over forever and you can share all your thoughts.

While you and your loyal sister grow up together, your connection will get to a point where it should be marked with a special symbol, like a small tattoo, and it looks like some siblings have already done that, as you can see in this list.

The upcoming list is very inspirational. I am starting to plan my own brother tattoo now. Enjoy reading!

1. Peanut butter and jelly is the perfect combination

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Such a tattoo is probably the perfect way to show off that you and your sibling have different personalities, but still you are able to fit together perfectly, just like peanut butter and jelly.

2. A rose is apparently enough to demonstrate your bond

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When you decide to get sister tattoos, it doesn’t need to be something extravagant or flashy; all it takes is a beautiful matching flower for each of you.

3. The sister tattoo could not be easier than this

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Instead of creating a symbol that only you would know the meaning of, why not simply choose a nice font and spell the word ‘sister’. If done accurately, it would be a really nice touch.

4. The pinky promise is something serious for sisters

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When you used to make a pinky promise on something back in the old days, you really thought it was something serious, right? Well, it actually is. And if you include this ritual in your sister tattoo, it would be even more powerful.

5. Feathers from the same bird

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These beautiful feathers are a great idea, but there is also a lot of personalization here – one is dark and the other is light, to match the personalities of each sibling.

6. Stylish geometrical tattoos are cool

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The geometric shapes will always be trendy simply because they are timeless. The clean and simple lines are also a perfect choice for a tattoo if you are not into detailed complex images.

7. Soul sisters

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These matching tattoos are made to point at each other, and they create a nice effect when the two girls are close together.

8. The broken telephone game

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Many of you have probably tried to create the phone line with a wire and tin cans on both ends. The nostalgic game is a nice motive for sister tattoos.

9. Your sister will always be your best friend

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The clever way this tattoo was created to have a double meaning incorporated is amazing as is one of the best ideas on the list.

10. The birth order could be added as a detail

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You and your sisters could add the birth order of each sibling to the tattoos.

11. Big tattoos mean big love for each other

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If your sister means a lot to you and is a major part of your life, why not demonstrate your love for her with a large tattoo?

12. Add the birth years as a detail

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The tattoos could be a bit more personalized if you add your birth years to them.

13. Same tattoo, different approach.

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Your sibling tattoos could be matching and personalized at the same time, like the example here. The message is the same, but the style is different – perfect!

14. You could choose something unusual

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A nice idea for a sister tattoo is having your favorite animal drawn on your skin, in case you both like the same animal.

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