13 Times When Good Intentions Resulted In Bad Ideas

Image Source: Reddit

Everything could go wrong at any time, despite your initial intentions or desire; sometimes it is just not entirely up to you. You may think that you’ve got everything under control, but you don’t.

However, if you have failed miserably, don’t worry, because if you are able to tell someone about it, then it was not fatal, and you might as well laugh and accept it.

1. How could a single photo be wrong in so many ways?

Image Source: Reddit

We get the fact that this girl wanted to pay tribute. However, why did she do it via a selfie? What does ‘RIP in piece’ mean? Not to mention the smile on her face or that she got Stephen Hawking’s name wrong.

2. If you’re anything like us, you’ll grab the wrong one for sure

Image Source: Imgur

The design of these two products was obviously created within the company brand policy – the logo, the color, etc.

However, the fact that these spray cans look pretty much identical, but in the same time contain very different things, could be dangerous; imagine spraying some insect killer on the pan and make a few pancakes. This is a serious matter and people must be careful.

3. This is more than just make-up

Image Source: Reddit

The make-up artists on Instagram are capable of creating unbelievable things and a normal person could not be able to recreate their work. This doesn’t mean that they couldn’t try, though. As you’d expect, the end result is a disaster.

4. The beauty salon from hell

Image Source: Reddit

Women in general are extremely concerned about the way they look and every cosmetic procedure they go through must be immaculate. Unfortunately, sometimes things end up in disaster, and this nail studio is no exception.

5. Do you think that these guys realize the danger here?

Image Source: Imgur

The answer is that they probably don’t; any person with a rational mind would never consider putting a trampoline on the roof terrace of a building. We just hope that someone actually thought about the safety issues and nobody got hurt.

6. The idea behind this photo was just a regular bath with the cat

Image Source: Reddit

But this person was obviously unaware that cats don’t like taking a bath at all; however, the man realized it the hard way, and instead of having a cute photo taken, he was probably scratched from head to toes. This is certainly not the cutest pet photo you’ll see today.

7. Baby bears are still bears

Image Source: Instagram

Holding a bear cub in your hands is a lot of people’s dream; this woman was probably also excited about the opportunity to do it. But she faced the awful truth that bears are still bears even when they’re little.

8. What was this guy thinking?

Image Source: Instagram

If this dude actually thought that such a tattoo would be something cool, he couldn’t be more wrong. At least he could have opted for something more expensive, but the damage has been done and it’s in his best interest that nobody else sees it again.

9. Someone is in trouble

Image Source: Imgur

Judging by this girl’s face, she might have just realized what she got herself into. Who in their right mind would race against the real-life Mario Brothers? We wonder how she did in that race.

10. We have all seen improvised grills, but this is a whole new category

Image Source: The Chive

There must have been a safer way to prepare these sausages. The situation has the potential to set the house on fire easily, but we guess that desperate times call for desperate measures and this person must have been really hungry.

11. How is this even possible?

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Does this person really believe that putting damaged cell phones in rice could actually soak up any potential moisture inside and miraculously fix them? While rice is known to have absorbing qualities, it simply cannot fix any electronics that you damaged.

12. Of all the things she could use, why did she choose that?

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We get it – sometimes you’re in a hurry, your hair is a mess and there is not a single rubber band in sight.

However, there must have been at least one thing that could be used by this woman to tie her hair instead of a condom. People are weird.

13. That’s a bit over-exaggerated, don’t you think?

Image Source: Reddit

They tried to copy Sephora’s ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara for the market in Dubai, but the statement seems to be too bold. After all, nothing is better than love, right?

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