13 Times Little Things Caused Big Trouble

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Much too often some seemingly little things turn out to be the cause of something bigger. Whether it’s in a good or in a bad way, one small item or an event could be the base of something much more significant, or could at least change the something looks or performs.

These thirteen examples will show you how something small could have huge impact afterwards.

1. Nobody wants their morning to be ruined

Image Source: Reddit

Well, sometimes things do not go according to plan. Something small and routine as making a cup of coffee could easily end up in disaster; cleaning the kitchen in the morning is nobody’s idea of kicking off the work day.

2. Caution signs have only one purpose – you have to notice them

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And what better way to notice a sign than adding some details on it. The tiny fingers on the human figure here are an unlikely addition, but you have to admit that they add a lot more drama and definitely draw attention. Job well done, we guess.

3. Something small can obviously stir the pot

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The awkward conversation below was caused by a little charger and a bit of ignorance, actually. This girl’s dad was probably surprised to find such an item in his daughter’s room, but as soon as he found out what it was, he was probably very embarrassed, and with a good reason.

4. One little guy caused big worries

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This tiny kitten probably scared its humans when it went missing. People who own cats could probably relate, because the felines have the habit of hiding away somewhere for hours. However, this little guy was small enough to fit inside the tissue box and nobody assumed to check inside.

5. We guess that everything in life depends on the way you see it

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There is always a difference between two people’s perspective and therefore their perception of that same thing might be totally different. This was exactly the case with this cardboard cutout that the neighbor across the street found terrifying.

6. A chicken in the middle of the school could the main topic of every conversation for days ahead

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this chicken definitely got lost, and it immediately became the main thing to discuss. One dude even took the chance to show off his sarcasm and captioned the photo.

7. A little bit of negligence could cause a big inconvenience, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

We doubt that the UPS driver did that on purpose; delivery drivers are always in a hurry and he must have just put it there without realizing that he blocked the door knob.

8. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring our mood down

Image Source: The Chive

Buying a chocolate bar means that you want to satisfy a specific craving; however, if it is not perfect, you’re not satisfied – it’s that simple. This person here found out that his bar was more waffle and less chocolate, which is extremely frustrating and we could definitely relate.

9. You could already see it, right?

Image Source: Reddit

It is likely that the majority of people fell for the sticker. Some clever joker used this small trick to create a lot of tension. We could only imagine the masses of people cursing and swearing in front of the machine. This is a perfectly executed prank.

10. This is not for the fainthearted

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, look at that thing! We get goose bumps only by imagining how it would feel to grab it along with the trimmer. This here is the perfect example of how a small thing could cause huge panic.

11. Do you love pranks? This one is for you

Image Source: Imgur

The spider craze effect could be easily achieved without actually having a spider. You don’t even need instructions; the photo shows everything you need, and you are guaranteed to have the last laugh.

12. This must have been a huge disappointment

Image Source: Instagram

The cute little figurines were sitting pretty on the dashboard, but this girl made the mistake of leaving them there in the heat. The end result is obvious, and they don’t look that cute anymore, not to mention the dash would need some cleaning as well.

13. Well, as they say, it’s the thought that really counts

Image Source: Instagram

However, it’s more than just a box; it’s a meme about giving someone a box instead of a real present. This is savage and brilliant in the same time.

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