13 Photos Of Things That Went Horribly Wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes things just do not happen according the plan you had. There are certain moments in which you may try as hard as you can, but you’ll just have to settle with the way things are.

When you eventually get used to the fact that not everything goes smoothly and straightforward, then you’ll learn to let go of the initial plan and settle for whatever comes.

1. A hair saloon’s marketing sign was overshadowed by the competition

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

The owner of the first business probably thought that the tempting price would attract customers, so he put up a sign. Well, the competition stepped in and cleverly used this sign to make their own as a response – and it might have just sparked a marketing sign war.

2. Nobody expects face masks to look nice when you use them, but this is too much

Image Source: Imgur

A face mask is supposed to make your facial skin look good after you take the mask off, but the process of wearing it shouldn’t be that frightening; it looks horrible and you might be scared if you stumble on that woman.

3. Cat-calling gone very wrong

Image Source: Twitter

This girl found the perfect way to deal with a cat-caller, and the guy surely expected something else as a response. After she probably shocked him with the way she reacted, you could probably bet that he will think twice before cat-calling again.

4. When sending nude photos to a random guy becomes the perfect prank

Image Source: Twitter

This guy wanted some nudes and was probably expecting some entertainment, but the girl managed to troll him perfectly and the entertainment was entirely for her.

5. There’s nothing quite like the old-school methods

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Technology provides a lot of ways to make our lives easier and more effective, and this girl thought that giving her father a Kindle as a gift would help him read. Well, she was right in a certain way.

6. This is definitely not the best selfie you could take

Image Source: Instagram

This girl was probably so obsessed by making the best facial expression that she forgot to check the background, which turned out to be horrible. That toilet needs a heavy duty cleaning as soon as possible.

7. After all, it is a question

Image Source: Instagram

When someone asks you to marry him, you obviously have two choices, despite the fact that everyone would probably expect you to say ‘yes’. This woman had something else in mind, and the guy who proposed probably thought there was going to be a different outcome than what actually happened.

8. Sometimes a bad situations is settled by the laws of karma

Image Source: Instagram

If you think that you could get away with something and not accept the consequences, you might want to think twice; karma is a powerful thing and you will likely get what you deserve.

9. This person probably regrets the choice of hairstyle

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Judging by the facial expression, this person thought that a pineapple hairstyle would actually be a better idea than it actually turned out.

10. Apparently if you eat glitter-glazed doughnuts, you would surely poop glitter later

Image Source: Instagram

While the glitter-glazed doughnuts look and taste amazing, you probably wouldn’t expect that your poo will also be sparkling later.

11. The irony in this one is so huge that it hurts

Image Source: Smosh

Everyone can make a mistake, but when you plan a tattoo that reads ‘plan ahead’ and you want to put nine letters on eight fingers, you definitely have a problem with planning.

12. When you apply your bubble mask, you probably do not expect it to inflate this much

Image Source: Instagram

While the procedure this girl attempted did not go as planned, at least she looks funny and we might as well have a few laughs while it lasts.

13. Sometimes spending time to pick the best lemon from the stand does not pay off

Image Source: Reddit

This is simply a case of nature playing tricks on people, and hopefully this person could take a joke.

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