13 People Who Should Just Give Up Already

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Everyone has at least one particularly strong asset and is probably better in something than the rest of us.

However, this cannot be valid for every aspect of our lives, and it shouldn’t be; otherwise we would be perfect, and that is impossible.

However, it seems that some folks are not exactly good at doing even the easiest things imaginable, and their actions are plain stupid in most cases. The worst part is that they simply have no idea when it’s the right time to quit and let someone else to the job properly and spare them the misery.

Check out the photos below and you’ll see examples of such people, therefore you’ll know better if you’re in a similar situation.

1. This college student needs to rethink her choices

Image Source: Reddit

We’re not talking about the fact that she’s literally milking the school system by pouring milk inside a jug instead of a regular mug. The fact that she could load up that jug with chocolate milk suggests that she choose poorly and needs to stop and reconsider.

2. The perfume of your dreams does not look (or smell) like this

Image Source: imgur

The person who bought this should probably think twice before actually using it and then leaving the house. We need to tell to the producer of this product to discontinue it immediately, because nobody needs such a scent.

3. This is not going to end up well

Image Source: Twitter

Removing a couch from your home is no easy task, but with some rational thought and patience it could be done; after all, at one point it got in, didn’t it? However, these people seem to have no idea what they are doing and they need to call professional movers.

4. You need to know when to quit

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If something cannot be done easily and simply wastes your time, you better call it a day and quit. Nothing ever works properly and if see that it is not up to you to get things running again, then leave it for another time or call for back-up.

5. The simple struggles are sometimes the funniest

Image Source: Reddit

Failing to open a Capri Sun is a clear indication that the struggle is real and you just might need to take break from everything. There are days when everything is a piece of cake and then there are some in which you just need to let it go.

6. Maybe it’s time to call the plumber

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine how clogged your toilet must be getting every now and then in order for you to have a pogo stick plunger standing by? It seems that this person needs to admit that things are serious and just give a call to the plumbing company.

7. Game night got a little different

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the newer generations seem to have a different perception of quality time. When you have a real tennis table on your disposal and you still prefer the digital version, we have some bad news – you’re definitely missing some fun.

8. Working in retail seems to require some basic skills

Image Source: Reddit

However, as you can see, some people struggle with ordinary and obvious things. You have to agree that hanging a hanger the correct way is a pretty ordinary thing, right?

9. These instructions need some rethinking

Image Source: Reddit

The advice on how to save paper should probably be executed in a different way. Having a wooden board with numerous paper sheets attached on it is not as convincing as it should be and whoever made this needs to rethink the delivery of this message.

10. It looks a bit too late here

Image Source: Reddit

The owner of this truck probably should have asked for guidance before attempting to launch the boat. As you can see, what seems obvious to most people could turn out to be a real struggle for other folks.

11. Someone needs to put a sign there to explain the basics of the parking lot

Image Source: Reddit

This cinema parking lot is a regular one, but still you see the vast number of triple parked cars. It’s like they did it on purpose, but chances are they simply didn’t realize what they have done. You could bet that it surely was fun to watch what happened after the movie ended; the real action must have been right there on the parking lot.

12. At least she was able to balance her bodyweight

Image Source: Reddit

This girl seems to be frustrated about her failed plan to have some fun. However, she was able to gather enough rocks to counterweight her and reach balance, which is a kind of small win.

13. This is so bizarre that it just needs to stop

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody should consider themselves to be trash to the point they take themselves out. This is both funny and awkward, but we consider it to be a rather tasteless joke.

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