13 People Who Had One Job… And Failed

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Everybody has ups and downs at work, and sometimes you feel like the universe is conspiring against you; however, in most cases it seems that you have only yourself to blame.

But there is a certain type of people who really seem to struggle even with the simplest tasks possible, and upon seeing the result of their ‘work’, you cannot help but wonder who actually hired them?

Well, the good thing about these people’s existence is that we get to see how they messed up and have a few laughs.

1. Either we are all colorblind, or the label is not accurate

Image Source: Reddit

Considering that the cookies have a two-tone coating, it is extremely hard to get one of the two colors wrong, but someone apparently did, and the real color is not even close to white.

2. Wow, they must have pretty warm winter weather there

Image Source: Imgur

There are a couple of ways to look at this; the store may be located in a place where it’s summer all year round and the sign is put there just for fun, or someone actually messed up in the funniest possible way.

3. Night life is not what it used to be

Image Source: Reddit

When you think about it, if there is another party after the Suicide event, it must be for those who attended it and survived. We wonder what the Suicide party features.

4. Whoever put this ad needs to be banned from the marketing industry

Image Source: Reddit

This is literally a two-step process, and someone managed to get it wrong. Imagine if the same person had to do a more responsible job.

5. Prince Harry just received a new title

Image Source: Reddit

Somebody has obviously been dreaming about going in a whale-watching trip, because there is no other explanation of spelling Wales like that. Who knows, maybe Prince Harry of Wales would love to be the Prince of Whales, too.

6. This is probably the only person in the world wearing this name

Image Source: Reddit

If this man was actually named like that, it would be extremely awkward and hilarious every time he met someone new or had to write down his name on some official documents.

7. Subtitles gone wrong

Image Source: Reddit

These subtitles obviously provide a new type of experience – you still wonder what the characters were saying, but at least you know it was in French. How convenient is this? At least you’d probably be encouraged to learn a new language in order to watch foreign movies.

8. Do you think he did it on purpose?

Image Source: Twitter

These guys are either joking or they will be in really big trouble as soon as they return home. If they meant everything the signs said, then the cameraman is definitely the one to blame.

9. This is not the way to design an urban drainage system

Image Source: Twitter

The photo is absolutely real, and yes, we cannot believe our eyes either. It looks like the civil engineer who came up with this did it on purpose to create a replica of Venice during flooding rain.

10. Thirst? Nope, you got it wrong, this means something else

Image Source: Imgur

Whoever created the design of these medals had one super easy job and he totally failed to do it; how could you spell wrong something like that?

11. The best visualization of the ‘you had one job’ saying

Image Source: Reddit

It must be a real pain to accomplish a task such as installing this huge ad and immediately realize that you need to do it all over again. It had to be obvious that the two parts were flipped, but for some reason the crew continued the installation.

12. The only reason to buy shredded cheddar is because it’s shredded

Image Source: Reddit

You will surely have a few laughs when you look at the word ‘shredded’ written with huge letters on the package and the big chunk of cheddar inside.

13. Sometimes you need to think about the assignment instead of taking it literally

Image Source: Reddit

Can you imagine the fun this guy had when the new tanker arrived and he saw what was written on it? Sometimes even the simplest task can end in disaster, but at least it’s not fatal in this case.

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