13 People Who Definitely Ragretted Their Tattoos

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People have a different approach to tattoos; some spend months in careful planning and gathering of ideas while others decide what it’s going to be spontaneously and they are left with that decision forever. Maybe this is a major part of the whole experience. While it sounds as the more adventurous approach, it could lead to a real disaster, so it is probably better to choose wisely and think twice before getting a tattoo.

1. The idea behind this may have been good, but the execution is poor

Image Source: Reddit

The tattoo artist or the client had a nice idea for this one, but the end result is utterly hideous. The only thing that resembles Marilyn Monroe is the pose; other than that, it’s awful.

2. A new way to get more followers

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Yes, believe it or not, some people would do such a thing. We are not sure just how bad your Twitter account must be doing in order for you to come up with this. While these people may have thought that it was a good idea, they will surely regret it at one point.

3. This guy must be proud of the work he has done so far

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Getting a tattoo with the amount of hours you have worked for a certain employer is a weird idea, to say the least.

We wonder if the Walmart executives gave this employee a bonus or a promotion after his effort to stand out.

4. A good idea gone bad

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While the base of this tattoo is actually good, when the colors were added, it turned into something that just looks wrong. It’s like this guy’s arm was crushed under something heavy and it’s still bruised.

5. Yes, folks, it’s a real tattoo

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It’s unbelievable, but someone actually made a whole lot of spelling mistakes on a tattoo with just a few words in it. The worst part is that the forearm is visible all the time and this woman would probably go out dressed with only long-sleeved clothes.

6. Getting this one done was a huge mistake

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While it’s hard to get in the first place, the quality of the tattoo looks extremely poor, and we simply cannot decide what is worse here – the execution of the idea or the idea itself. Maybe it’s a combination of the two.


7. Someone tried to be a copycat and failed at it

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the original idea was not that hard to reproduce, but as you can see on the right picture, even the easiest tattoos can go horribly wrong. It looks like as if a 5-year-old took a sharpie marker and drew his art class homework on someone’s back.

8. This dude was used as a practice sheet, no doubt about it

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There is no way in the world that this guy wanted that tattooed on him. The word ‘grace’ in that horrible tattoo sounds like a bad joke.

9. This tattoo is wrong in all kinds of ways

Image Source: Reddit

Is that thing a fidget spinner? Even if it is, let’s put it aside and focus on the text and the font. For those of you who struggle to read it, it says ’Wouldn’t it be nice’ (whatever that means), but we corrected the spelling mistake here, which was the tattoo artist’s job, actually.

10. This tattoo artist certainly took the task too literally

Image Source: Reddit

The initial design was nice, but the copy was exactly good. However, that’s not the point here. The best part is that the tattooist actually drew the nipple of the guy with the original tattoo, and we guess that he didn’t realize that it was not part of the ink, but rather a part of the ‘canvas’.

11. How tacky can you get?

Image Source: Reddit

This dude obviously wanted to state his zodiac sign, or maybe he just wanted to show off is masculinity. However, getting a huge lion head tattoo on your chest is not the most aesthetically correct decision.

12. This one is haunting rather than cute

Image Source: Reddit

This baby looks like it was possessed by a demon – just look at those black eyes! When an amateur tattooist is on the job, this is the usual result.

13. Whatever your ink choice is, the most important things is to not have regrets.

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Or, should we say ‘ragrets’, as this dude’s epic tattoo suggests. If you’re happy with the outcome, that’s what really matters in the end of the day.

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