13 Images That Will Trick Your Eyes

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Image Source: Ebaum's World

If you feel that life has become boring and you follow the same routine day after day, we are about to make it a whole lot interesting. You see, there are times when everyday objects and activities could be very different from the way you are used to look at them. Chances are that this list will make you look at certain things in a different way from now on.

Get ready to have your mind blown and enjoy these 13 pictures.

1. Who says that avocados are meant only for eating?

Image Source: Reddit

The health food mania has been around for quite a few years now and avocados became extremely popular as a healthy addition to every meal; whether you throw it in a salad or put it on a piece of toast, it’ll always be good for you. However, someone decided that it would serve as a canvas for some carving art, and the result is simply stunning.

2. Some people would probably struggle to get it the first time

Image Source: Reddit

Here’s a proof that numbers are constantly trying to communicate with is. This is an amazing example of how complicated and fun numbers could be.

3. The Matrix is a real thing

Image Source: via GIPHY

This is absolutely insane! You could hardly believe that coincidences like this may exist, but you saw it yourself. Maybe we really are living in a simulation.

4. This king-size egg holds a secret

Image Source: Twitter

If you are still wondering which came first – the chicken or the egg – the answer is right here; the smaller egg which was inside the bigger egg came first. We told you that you’ll have your mind blown.

5. The perfect match

Image Source: Reddit

This is too much of a coincidence to be a random event. The question here is if this girl’s shirt was made of the same fabric as the bathroom curtain, or is it the other way around? Whatever the case, we would recommend to avoid wearing this piece of clothing in public places.

6. Task completed

Image Source: Reddit

There is a slight controversy here; the task is technically completed, but in the same time the answer is not appropriate considering the question asked. But it’s still legit, and we love it.

7. Cats love boxes, but this is ridiculous

Image Source: Twitter

This cat is literally out of this world! It somehow morphed into a cube, and is both shocking and hilarious to see. We knew that a cat could fit almost anywhere, but this is just too much to handle.

8. You have to take another look at this.

Image Source: Reddit

Look at the photo, but take your time with it. Stare at it, zoom it and try to focus. Although it seems to be a badly photoshopped image, it’s quite real. In fact, it’s an ordinary selfie, but a small chain of events resulted in the perfect controversial image. The guy in the back is standing on a lower deck, and a shadow is cast over the shoulder of the other dude in the front, creating a false impression.

9. Problem-solving like e pro

Image Source: Reddit

It takes a brilliant mind to answer a task in such fashion. But if you think about it, how did this 2nd grader become so strong as fast as he did? The kid that answered this question may actually be on to something, so we accept the answer as correct. We wonder if the teacher thought the same way.

10. Apparently Space Jam is real, too

Image Source: Twitter

Remember where Michael Jordan went in the beginning of Space Jam? Well, the same thing happened in real life, after a golfer fell through a sinkhole while playing golf in Illinois. It’s very weird.

11. This may change your entire life

Image Source: Instagram

Okay, maybe not. But it will certainly change the way you dip your fries in the sauce. How convenient, don’t you think?

12. The vanishing socks mystery was finally solved

Image Source: Reddit

Judging by the quantity of the socks, this person must have waited quite a while before any suspicion was raised.

If you lose that many socks, you would probably be obsessed with the idea and you’d do anything to figure out the cause of the disappearance.

13. Ever wondered why there was no iPhone 9?

Image Source: Twitter

Perhaps there is no other way to explain it, but it still does not make any real sense. Still a cool thought, though.

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