13 Statues That Are So Stunning You Will Think They Are From Another Dimension

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Our planet is full of different types of monuments and statues, some of which are utterly bizarre and boring, while others are true masterpieces or engineering marvels. However, among the statues of the world you could find some that would literally take your breath away and you would not be able to look away after seeing them for the first time.

1. This piece is called ‘The Veiled Virgin’ and it looks like an optical illusion, but it’s real

Image Source: Archival Moments

The amazing sculpture you see here is not impressive with its size, but rather with the unique craftsmanship of the sculptor Giovanni Strazza. He was able to create the illusion that there is a thin veil covering the woman’s head, while it’s actually a solid piece of marble stone.

2. Shaquille O’Neil looks good

Image Source: NBA

Shaq is a person that needs no introduction; he even has the size of a statue, with a height of 7 ft. and weight of over 300 pounds. This top-mounted statue of Shaq was unveiled by the Los Angeles Lakers and it captures the moment of a typical Shaq-attack.

3. The statue of Guan Yu in Taiwan is massive

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like the image has been altered, but it’s quite real; the massive Chinese general Guan Yu monument is truly spectacular. It makes all the scenery around it look incredibly small, creating a surreal feeling.

4. The Mustangs of Las Colinas is a breathtaking piece of art

Image Source: The Mustangs of Las Colinas

The running mustangs are a mind-blowing sight to see in person. The way that the water effect adds to the whole layout really creates a live-like image of running horses that will surely leave you stunned.

5. The Knotted Gun statue is located in New York

Image Source: Daily Photostream

This piece has a clear and powerful message, because it’s located just outside of the United Nations headquarters. The author Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd really did an amazing job with this surreal sculpture.

6. The horrible spider Maman

Image Source: Wikipedia

The haunting giant spider is scary and magnificent in the same time, and people like it so much that it has reproductions all over the world. This one is in Canada, and besides the London original, there are similar sculptures located in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Arkansas and Qatar.

7. The massive Zmey Gorynych monument

Image Source: Reddit

The three-headed dragon creature is a popular character in Slavic culture and folklore. This monument is located in Russia and it is quite impressive with its size and multiple details that make it worthy of becoming a “Game of Thrones” décor.

8. The Mustang at Denver Airport

Image Source: Travel Observers

While it’s unclear why there is a terrifying blue horse with glowing red eyes at the Denver Airport, it is still an amazing statue. You might be pretty scared if you stumble upon it at night, so if you travel to Denver, be sure to approach it with caution.

9. The surreal King Arthur

Image Source: Imgur

This statue of King Arthur is located at Tintagel Cliffs and it looks amazing! It’s eight feet tall and it’s shaped to resemble a ghostly presence that you could almost feel, not to mention that it is located close to King Arthur’s stomping grounds.

10. Ushiku Daibutsu in Japan

Image Source: Wikipedia

Another massive monument that will impress you more than you could imagine. Towering at 390 feet, this statue surpasses the Statue of Liberty, as well as pretty much every other monument in the world.

11. One incredible soccer player statue

Image Source: Reddit

This piece is located outside of South Carolina’s Eugene E. Stone III Stadium. The player is actually unnamed, but what’s more interesting about it is the fact that the whole structure is supported only by the left wrist, so it took some ingenious engineering and planning to create it.

12. The Cairo Airport Statue

Image Source: Reddit

This is way more than just a statue of two rocks and a rope. The clever way it was designed could really play a trick on your mind, because it looks impossible to achieve due to the laws of gravity. It’s a stunning sight to see.

13. The amazing statue of Janus

Image Source: Reddit

Janus is one of the ancient Roman gods that’s often related to new beginnings, duality and other things. The highly detailed statue pictured here represents his duality, and it’s not the only one picturing him with two faces.

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