13 100% Real Photos That Seem Impossible To Believe

Image Source: Dreamstime

We live in the era of Photoshop and you could easily end up looking at a manipulated photo while believing it was the real thing. However, when it comes to hilarious and odd photos, it really doesn’t matter if the image is genuine or fake; the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the endless supply of weird things that today’s world keeps producing.

1. If you have a private jet fighter plane, why not just cruise around the streets instead of flying?

Image Source: Instagram

Flying cars are still not a common thing, although some companies are working on it. Meanwhile, this guy probably thought that it was a good idea to drive around the city with the fighter jet. Imagine if this was your daily commute – you would probably have a bit of a problem with finding a parking spot.

2. It is a miracle that this brick tower is still standing on the ground

Image Source: Reddit

When you think of construction fails, keep this picture in mind. The absurd idea of such a tower must belong to someone who had no idea what he was doing. The whole structure looks like it’s going to fall down any second, and it probably will.

3. While it is probably just a coincidence, these two people had a weird experience at the museum

Image Source: Instagram

Suppose you were a time traveler; you would probably want to keep a low profile and the last thing you would do is to pose for a portrait. The resemblance in the pictures above is a bit shocking and there may actually be a relation between the people on the paintings and the young visitors.

4. The skeptics will be pleased about this one; it looks unreal because it actually is

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure what is worse – manipulating your photos, or posing next to something that is not yours, but you claim it is. Such people must really consider the others to be stupid. The kid in this photo forgot to check the background before uploading the deceiving photo.

5. Apparently the young Nicolas Cage is on the cover of a Serbian 8th grade Biology book

Image Source: Instagram

This raises a lot of questions. How did the actor end up on that cover and is he even aware of this? And the most important question – does this mean we could all end up on a random cover somewhere?

6. You will definitely think that this picture must is fake, but it’s not

Image Source: Instagram

These pots were placed in the perfect position to reflect the stove in the best possible way; not only that they seem alive, but the facial expressions look a bit sinister as well.

7. You don’t see this kind of resemblance every day

Image Source: Instagram

This man’s dad bod looks exactly like Woody Harrelson, and as bizarre as it is, he may consider showing this as a side gig. We bet that people are going to pay money to see it.

8. Have you seen an orange alligator wearing sunglasses before?

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure why and how would somebody be able to paint an alligator in orange and put a trippy pair of sunglasses on the poor animal, but this picture suggests exactly that.

9. This is so obvious that it hurts

Image Source: Instagram

Buying a car is not one of the things that you could do by accident. You could slam it into a fence – that would be an accident, but purchasing it is another story. Talking about stories, this guy’s attempt to convince everyone with the nonsense he wrote is just hilarious.

10. Just DJ Khaled charging his phone in the middle of the ocean

Image Source: Instagram

Considering his personality, he is either doing this just for laughs or he has figured out a way to charge the smartphone for real.

11. This happens once in a lifetime

Image Source: Instagram

The laws of gravity obviously were not enough to beat this person’s massive luck.

12. Being unlucky enough to be hit by this sign is not the worst part

Image Source: Instagram

Realizing that you missed the chance to benefit from the incident you had is the real pain here.

13. Are those cookies?

Image Source: Reddit

This photo sparks a lot of questions. First of all, why is the hood flipped upside down? What are those things on top of it that resemble cookies? Is this car even running? Nobody knows.

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