12 People So Broke That They Don’t Have Time To Fool Around

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There are certain times in life when things aren’t looking good and your financial state is so bad that you are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, in order for you to survive, you need to pull yourself together and do some fast thinking. Sometimes a little creativity and improvisation could get you places.

So if you are as broke as the people on the list below, feel free to be inspired. No matter how bad things are at the moment, you always have the chance to beat the odds and get better.

1. Sometimes creativity turns out to be the most important thing

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A very important lesson is that it does not matter what you have on your disposal, it is the way you are able to use it that matters the most. This girl definitely has the right approach to problems.

2. It doesn’t matter if you are broke or even hungry; you still need to buy make-up

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Knowing that your budget is so thin that it is basically gone, you suddenly remember that you had a discount coupon you could use. And if that doesn’t work, all that is left is to try and be polite, but it would probably not work in this case.

3. If you can’t buy it, you could always do it yourself

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If you combine your craftsmanship and vision with the fact that you are completely broke, but still dream about those boots you saw at the mall, apparently some skills and a pair of old jeans would do the trick.

4. Imagine how broke this guy was

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Turning yourself in and thinking that you could collect the money from the reward that was put for your head, you must be desperate or stupid, or probably even both.

5. Yeah, selling some parts of your body might pay the bills

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The level of desperation this person apparently felt is not even funny, but we might at least have a few laughs about the absurd idea, which is rather smart, too, but far too extreme regardless of the financial situation.

6. It seems like this person has downsized the portions a bit too much

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While it’s advisable and even necessary to keep count on your expenses when you are broke, this here is just too much. Such a small serving would hardly make a difference when hunger strikes.

7. There are different levels of being broke

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One special way of being broke is when you actually have assets and all your bills are settled, but you still don’t have enough money for a night out.

8. This school must be broke if you judge by the lunch food

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Seeing this properly-sized bun with all the sprinkles on top makes you think that it would be super delicious inside, but this was not the case. It is all looks and almost no taste, but at least they saved some money from the missing filling.

9. Hunger is a powerful motivator

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This is genius and mean at the same time. Other people’s pizza is something sacred. Then again, you are hungry and broke, but you still respect your buddy. So you just proceed with your plan and hope that nobody finds out.

10. When you want to play a game but you can’t afford it

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This guy was obviously unaware that the game he was referring to was actually free. However, he seems to have a creative approach to things and he did a good job entertaining himself.

11. This is how responsibility looks like

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Considering the situation here, the majority of people probably wouldn’t even bother to raise the question, but this guy’s neighbor did what he had to do, although the half-empty bag of cat food probably means that it was all he could afford.

12. Your dining experience may be limited to McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean it lacks class

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Eating at a McDonald’s location is not the typical high-end experience, but this particular restaurant apparently wanted their customers to feel a little bit better, which is admirable.

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