12 Inventions That You Need Right Now


The best inventions that people come up with are always related to fixing a problem we stumble upon daily. No matter how big or small, the problem is still something that needs a solution, and whatever might be bothering you or making your daily agenda harder, chances are that somebody is already working on it.

1. Never have a boring moment at the airport again

Image Source: YouTube

This is the Modobag and although it looks too good to be true, this awesome thing is real. It is basically a piece of luggage that you could drive around just like a scooter; it also can charge different devices via USB-ports. And most importantly, the product has been FAA-approved.

2. Rescue drones are apparently a thing in Sweden

Image Source: Digital Trends

The genius idea of using drones for hard to reach areas and remote locations has the potential to assist in saving many lives. The drones are loaded with different live-care features including a defibrillator.

3. A great idea for any USB stick

Image Source: Reddit

The simple e-ink technology applied to this USB stick indicates just how much space you have left, sparing you the annoying connecting and checking for available space.

4. Admit it – you always grab the edge brownie piece!

Image Source: Reddit

The fight for the last edge brownie portion could remain in the history with this clever kitchen gadget – now every single piece is an edge one.

5. All of you who dream of flying with the birds – your moment will surely come

Image Source: YouTube

This is an actual hover board during its testing phase. It is a serious machine capable of lifting you a couple of thousand feet in the air. We can’t wait until these become a common means of transportation.

6. Big Brother will be watching from everywhere soon

Image Source: Reddit

If you are worried that your life is being monitored now, wait until devices like this camera fit into a screw become popular.

7. Get rid of the paparazzi in style

Image Source: Reddit

This piece of clothing is the perfect tool to mess with the paparazzi menace. Many celebrities know how stressful it could be to be literally on fire every single day because there are people following you all the time. If you are fed up with hiding from the media, this reflective scarf would do the trick, and they will not be able to take photos anymore.

8. Remember your old Nintendo game? You’ll love this one

Image Source: The Verge

Most of the 90s kids used to have Nintendo game consoles, and considering how big it was, you would be amazed to see this modern new version. It is super small, but still features everything important. Despite the changes in size and shape, you would definitely feel nostalgic if get your hands on one of these.

9. A forest in the shape of a QR-code is a crazy thing to see.

Image Source: Reddit

We know what you’re thinking – who could actually scan the code and get the information? Maybe a few lucky people on a plane passing over, or a skydiver, perhaps. But what is more important is that someone really put in a lot of work to turn such a huge project into reality.

10. All IT-geeks will fall in love

Image Source: Business Insider

If you know at least a thing or two about writing code, than you are aware of how ridiculously long the sheets may turn out to be. Most programmers invest in the best and biggest display monitors they could find, but perhaps none of them is even close to this monster. If you love multitasking and you are currently using three monitors on a single desk, than this one is definitely for you.

11. The computer mouse that charges itself

Image Source: ars technica

This is a wireless computer mouse with an amazing design and a unique feature; you never have to charge it, because the pad does that when you use the mouse. This is some clever engineering.

12. Finally! LEGO sustainable bricks are a thing now

Image Source: Inhabitat

As much as we all love LEGOs, we were always bothered that the fun building blocks were made from plastic, which is produced by petroleum. The legendary brand was able to develop and produce blocks made from sugarcane, which is absolutely radical. Now we can all play without the guilty conscience.

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