10 Heartwarming Before And After Pictures Of Adopted Dogs That Will Definitely Touch You

Image Source: Abigail Saxton Fisher / Dispatch

Adopting a shelter pet is a big responsibility, for the animals it is much more than that – it is a change that often saves their lives and completely transforms them. But the new owners’ lives change, too, because saving an innocent soul is equal to having a friend for life.

Owners from many different places are so proud and thankful for the chance to rescue a shelter dog that they started posting before and after photos of the canines prior to adoption and after some time spent in their new homes. The images speak a thousand words and you could easily see not only the tremendous physical change, but also the huge smiles, the sparks in the eyes and the happiness that overflows from the pictures after adoption. If you considered rescuing a stray but had doubts about it, thee images will prove to you that this is probably one the most rewarding things you could do. The uplifting mood and the positive emotions are guaranteed.

1. From Feeling Lonely To Looking Proud

The sad-looking dog from the first picture was clearly feeling abandoned, and you could see that he was not taken good care of. But in the after photo you could see a complete transformation – the sad canine sitting in the corner has been replaced by a proud, healthy and beautiful dog.

2. A Huge Transformation For A Starved Dog

Image Source: Reddit

This pup was close to being euthanized but a woman rescued him and took him home. He was severely underfed and could probably barely move on his own, but when you look at the handsome canine in the second photo, he is simply unrecognizable.

3. An Amazing Transformation

Image Source: Boredpanda

Another example of what love and care are capable of. On the first picture you could not even tell the breed of the dirty and extremely weak dog, but the second photo proves that was taken good care of.

4. Their Smiles Say It All

Image Source: Reddit

When you take a look at these pups’ smiles, there is no explanation needed – they simply know that they will never be behind bars again.

5. This Tiny Pup Was Completely Transformed

Image Source: Boredpanda

This is an absolutely stunning change – imagine how rough life must have been to this poor soul before, but now he looks handsome, despite missing an eye.

6. Frank The Tank Is Full Of Emotions

Image Source: Instagram

Meet Frank The Tank. No caption needed here. Just look at that face and prepare to fall in love!

7. Sadness Replaced By Loads Of Happy Days

Image Source: Boredpanda

A girl adopted a dog for the first time. No physical transformation here, but the emotional one is huge.

8. A One-Week Transformation

Image Source: Reddit

This little guy was found on the street, and just a week later you could see that he knows his life has changed for good.

9. You Would Not Believe It’s The Same Dog

Image Source: Boredpanda

Apparently the puppy had been neglected for years, but after the right procedures he looks so thankful and happy!

10. Abandoned And Transformed

Image Source: Reddit

Reportedly she was severely neglected and left alone in a park after that, but she was completely healed after adoption.

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